Slipknot and Acid

Discussion in 'General' started by maggot107, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. I've heard you shouldnt trip on acid and listen to slipknot at the same time and slipknots my favorite band but why is it that you shouldnt?
  2. You shouldn't listen to Slipknot sober either

    It's just way too heavy, you need something relaxing
  3. i herd the beat is way to intense to take and u could just lash out.
  4. I think youre not 18 because your favorite band is slipknot and only 14 year olds like slipknot.

    If you dont know why you shouldnt listen to slipknot on acid, you probably shouldnt do acid.
  5. Lmao he's rebelling because his parents hate him, because he cant get a mo-hawk.
  6. is this a serious question? you shouldnt even listen to slipnot if you were sober
  7. i think slipknot suck as much as the next homie...but damn dont hate on him for his tastes. let the guy be...hell prolly grow outtve it. plus id bet slipknots got tons of adult fans.
  8. slipknots cool in my book man...
  9. don't listen to these morons who hate on other people's music choices....listen to what you like! If you like slipknot, the acid will only make it better....especially the sublimintal verses vol 3 album (or whatever the actual name of the 3rd album was, there were some mellow songs on that)

  10. That's a mighty broad and ignorant generalization. I know middle aged people who like Slipknot. I think you're not 18 because you lump everyone into a single category and insult them for their musical choices. How's that sit with you?

  11. slipknots old shit is good, it pretty much got a new generation interested in heavy music, I give them mad props for that. But their new shit.. def. sold out.

    /drunk cuz i am.
  12. i personally love Slipknot. self-titled was great. Iowa sucked balls. Subliminal Verses was sikk.
  13. Slipknot had some alright shit, but it gets kinda childish. It seems like its more of the theatrics than the music. It's supposed to be about the music, man.
  14. theatrics in music just show that they want to be performers, not just producers of music.
    that being said, their lyrical content is the same shit over and over again, and the music hasn't evolved very much at all. i used to love them, but i only had an elementary understanding and appreciation of music.

    as for the slipknot+acid combo - people may be saying that you shouldn't listen to slipknot on acid because of how much music can mean to people on acid. it's somewhat destructive in nature, has some lyrics that could be suggestive to a person that'll just go with the flow and is very very high.
    however, most people can control themselves while they trip. since you're used to listening to slipknot, it'll just be like listening to it from another dimension, hearing it in extra dimensions. should be good, might be bad. take what you learn, enjoy music.
  15. Just fine. I do not care for your opinion until you have established it is credible.

    I know middle aged people who like slipknot too. Theyre usually identified as burn outs. :D

    Just to clarify, I've listened to heavy shit while tripping on shrooms before and it was not enjoyable. And I play in metal bands.

    As for hating on other peoples music, Im a giant asshole about music because Im a metalhead and all we do is complain about other music, but mostly "fake metal." Which is pretty much whatever band you choose to put in that category.

    That being said, slipknot is sooooo not metal
  16. Anyone who's got something to say against Slipknot can go to hell. I've been a huge maggot (Slipknot fan) since 1999, I see a lot of these new age punk asses listening to Slipknot who weren't around long enough to fully understand Slipknot. And yea, I wouldn't recommend any kind of heavy shit on psychedelics, you're going to want to listen to some Pink Floyd.

    Stay (SiC) maggot
  17. Somebody get this kid some In Flames or Black Dahlia Murder...anything, long as it isn't Slipknot.
  18. I agree with metalstonerking here...Slipknot sucks.

    Are you angry that you aren't cool so you dress in overly large black pants with chains and black band tees and listen to Slipknot, because that's how most of the people who listen to them seem.

    The burnout losers from my town all look like that.

    Just saw a 24 year old who graduated a couple years before me who had no job and was just sitting at the skatepark with juniors in high school, dressed to impress to say the least.

    IMO, it's sad.

    You're more than welcome to listen to anything you want...I'm just giving my opinion, which I would think represents a pretty solid 80% of the world of not more.

    If you advertise you like Slipknot...I will think less of you, plain and simple.

    To the OP, if you need to ask what type of music you should and shouldn't listen to, and don't understand why you wouldn't want to listen to Slipknot on are shouldn't take acid.
  19. I like slipknot, but you would never guess by looking at my. I pretty much wear american eagle and hollister so you would never guess.

    Ive just always liked them and its stuck with me.
    nothin wrong with that.
  20. Shit I'd never listen to Slipknot.. I'd see people with Jason masks on murdering little children and drinking their blood.. fuck that :smoking:

    Try Grateful Dead or Pink Floyd with G-force on.. whaaa

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