Slipknot-All Hope is Gone

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  1. i'm really liking this album so far,i'm only on track 8 but i havent skipped a track yet and thats usually good's a little more melodic than previous albums with that classic shit thrown in
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    Don't tell people what an album sounds like before it's even comes out.
  3. it's pretty obivous if u heard the single on mtv/national radio

    and it's called a review.dickmouth.
  4. Slipknot sucks I literally got over my slipknot phase in 5th grade.
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    they have definitely followed the trend of all the commercial metal bands nowadays.

    atreyu, mudvayne, avenged sevenfold, etc.

    I always liked them cause they definitely had their own sound.. but theyre slowly sounding like the rest of the scene imho.

    Edit: I've only heard the one single though, and that's the impression I've got so far. I shouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions, but based on your post, I'm correct. I really am not into "melodic metal".
  6. by melodic i meant there more singing on the choruses than their used to'snot overbearing like most nu-metal though,theres a visible line between the two

  7. I know that's what you mean. and thats what every metal band on the radio has done in the past year. it sucks. I listen to metal for the harder aspects of it, not melody.
  8. They're just experimenting man, i mean hell, i bet if you said that to them they'd just tell you to fuck off anyway, i mean its Slipknot.

    Anyway, new album is badass, Butchers Hook and Vendetta are definatly keepers.
  9. You guys suck for not waiting for the album to be released. Don't you understand that the album is only portrayed correctly through the actual disc and the album artwork etc., plus Mp3's and such lower the quality.
  10. Lower the quality of Slipknot? Jesus, I don't care to imagine how bad that must be....

    Seriously though, not a fan of Slipknot. They have some ok to good songs and if they're put on I won't bitch or anything but seriously they aren't that good. They're a 9 member band... lemme see here... according to Wikipedia they have 2 guitarists(IMO their guitar really sucks btw), 1 drummer, 1 DJ(wtf?), 1 bassist, 1 guy who does... samples... wtf is that? 1 lead vocalist(and 3 people listed as backing...?) and 2 "CUSTOM PERCUSSIONISTS."

    I mean come on, I can understand letting all your friends in a band as long as their doing something but wtf, one guy beats on a trashcan and I might be wrong but I think that's his only job(besides back up vocals)... I'm just saying if you include the guy beating on a trashcan next thing you know the guy who works the lights is gonna be a back up singer and part of the band as well.

    Then again I might dislike them because they're one of those bands that seems wants to be all evil in their music but it's just bullshit. One guy earlier said that if you told them the album sucked to their face they would tell you to fuck off... I think they would cry about it is the more likely scenario...

    On the overall, I believe Slipknot is kind of like a phase. Most people are done with it by 7th grade or so but others carry on... still though, nothing totally against the band but man the people who actually do like this music ruin it for me somewhat(slipknot fans.... annoying), then again it's just my lowly opinion
  11. You obviously don't understand the band or their message. The "guy who beats on the drum" is Shawn Crahan, he's actually the one that keeps the band together.

    I've heard the lead guitarist Mick Thompson say in a video "it takes no tallent to be in this band, I don't even have to try". While this may be so, it really is the end sound that matters, not the fact that there is or is not an intricate guitar or bass riff or drum riff etc.

    Every one of the members is necessary to create the sound they make.

    You just don't know a lot about them like myself to understand why each member is in the band. They'll never let another person in the band, and if one leaves the band they're done.
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    Anyways... I really like Pyschsocial and 'Till We Die. Overall, I don't like it as much as their older stuff.
  13. Slipknot are the biggest fucking queer ass sellouts I've seen in a while. As if they couldn't make nu-metal more emotional and mainstream. But mainly my beef is with Corey, he's so fucking high on himself it's not even funny.
  14. ....Sike, yeah right, whats that overpriced CD gonna do that a VBR mp3 can't? i'm all set thank you very much.
  15. just downloaded it and i couldnt get past song 2

  16. dont tell people to not TELL people what an album sounds like before its even out!!
  17. LMAO

    Wanna know what they call the guy that keeps the band from breaking up... a manager.

    Mick Thompson is right, it does take no talent to be in that band. You say all that matters is the sound, but most of the sound is just plain bad(IMO).

    Everyone of the of the band members is necessary to create the sound they make? What sound is that? The sound of trying too hard? One guys job is HITTING A TRASHCAN! You mean they couldn't of gotten a machine to do that?

    The last part makes me wonder if you're even being serious in your post. One member leaves and the bands gonna break up? You do know they've already replaced 4 members(2 guitarists, and 2 custom percussionists)right? But lemme get this straight, if the guy who hits the trashcan at random intervals goes "That's it I'm done" the rest of the band is gonna drop it along with all the money and fame that goes with it... That would be funny as shit if that happened.

    Also please never make the argument that your the all knowing understanding of this band or this subject or w/e. I just don't know the band like you do? I mean maybe I don't fap to the sight of slipknot but I doubt you've had any real contact with this band and your attempted insight into this band is based off the same thing mine probably is, a little bit of wikipedia and listening to their music.
  18. This whole thread has been a great laugh, and thanks for the negative rep.

    I'm not as in to them as I once was when I was younger, but I've definitely done my research. I have a book that I bought made by them that tells you about the members that left and whole lot of shit about their history. I didn't want this to turn in to a who knows more about slipknot kind of thing.

    They are just experimenting with new things.

    None of this matters though my friends, were just a bunch of stoners on the internet.
  19. I prefer talent.
  20. It doesn't take a lot of tallent to create a heavy riff on the guitar. I play myself, and know how easy it is. My point is that they know theyre not the most hardcore shit out there.

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