Slightly Stoopid w/ Snoop Dogg

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  1. Blazed and Confused Tour! CHECK IT OUT

  2. that'll be sick, man. I went to see Slightly Stoopid and The Roots at my school, I primarily went to see SS, but i left absolutely astounded and amazed with the Roots... arguably the best show i've seen b/c of the roots (and i've seen alot of shows... including the Boss (bruce) and the e-street band, david gilmour... etc.... damn i wish i was born earlier)
  3. I got pit tickets for the MA show...fuck ya man!!
  4. CAN'T WAIT for this tour!! It's gonna be such a killer show & a raging party to say the least...just bought my tickets this week!! I'm gonna be at the Irvine AND Santa Barbara dates...where is everybody else goin??
  5. Im definitely at least going to Irvine and San Diego.. Can't wait for this shit!
  6. awww, this shit is gonna be sick man! i cant wait! im going to the irvine, santa barbara, and vancouver shows, gonna be so irie:smoke:
  7. just posted about this on some other thread, it looks like an awesome combo. :smoke:
  8. Ya man hittin this up at the Shoreline Ampitheater. Going in a limo.
  9. damn a limo?? rollin in style!! ;) make sure to box that thing before the show :smoke:
  10. Haha ya for sure its my boys 20th birthday.
  11. Fuck yah, I just bought my ticket to see this in Irvine!! And then I'm seeing 311 the next day!

    Any fellow blades want to match a blunt? :smoking:

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