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Slightly moldy bud = Green Dragon?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DarthBizzle, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Waadup blades, so in cleaning up some buds i noticed that awesome spiderweb-type mold stuff that likes to show up from time to time...

    But i mean like tiny, tiny spots, i found like maybe 5-ish spots in i wanna say close to an o... I inspected the rest of the bud with a 30x magnifier and i think all i see are the while hairs that are normal, but maybe some scattered mold spores, it's really hard to tell, if they're there they're not too prevalant

    The buds aren't really smelling like they should, kind of hayish

    Tested some of the bud a few ago, the scent of the cherry in the bowl was like kinda nose hair singing, reminded me of a sulpher kinda smell or something... Anyway, i think it gave me a headache, so i'm doubting the bud's smokability lol i may give it another test tomorrow (uncured buds, maybe that was it)

    But yeah, should i just chuck it in a bottle of 151? or you think i'm being paranoid? should i just smoke it? heeeeelp lol
  2. if it has mold on it, throw it out
  3. yes but bacardi 151 = kill't mold

    and this is some pretty decent bud, it's be a shame to waste
  4. the hayish smell is probly because its uncured. But if it was moldy i myself wouldnt smoke it.:mad:

  5. do you know that for a fact? honestly man i wouldnt bother. You will always get new bud, but you wont always get new health *see signature to complete sentence*
  6. I would GD it. If you're doing sit 'n' wait, the mold would sit the 151 for weeks. Dead. If you're doing the stovetop quick 'n' dirty, you'd be boiling it in alcohol. Dead.

    Can't speak for the flavor, though.
  7. Dump it, is it really worth a trip to the hospital?
  8. I have had bud get a bit of mold on it while I was drying it. I corrected the problem and finished drying. I smoked it w/o any problems. If it's very little and it's for personal use...don't worry about it...blaze it.
    If you're concerned about it or if you're selling it...cut out any affected areas, correct the problem and finish drying and then cure.
    The 2 primary causes of a mold problem while drying is not keeping the RH below 15% in the area where the bud is drying or not enough air circulation. Air needs to be exchanged and not recirculated. Total darkness is also helpful, but relative darkness is alright. I have dried in a barn and a garage that had some light leaking in.
    The hay smell is from not being cured.
  9. You can make BHO with molded bud, done it myself on a few occasions. As for GD i think that would be possibile to.
  10. could be mold, but sounds like mite webs
  11. Honestly, I've smoked slightly moldy bud before in times of need. Note, I also had another dimebag laying around of non-moldy bud so I'd kind of use the hardly moldy stuff in situations where I didn't feel like smoking a lot of pot/I was with assholes. Actually pretty useful.

    Note: If you are experiencing greater then say 5-7.5% surface area mold-looking formations, I'd consider not smoking it however. Mine had barely any.
  12. checkin back in, smoked some more today, no headache

    yeah i'm curing it now, it's hella dry i'mma just keep check on it, there are no visibly moldy spots, like i said it's around an ounce and i only found like 5 tiny spots, i could be mite webs but i was forced to cram it all into a baggie and a jar for transport, but it was only a couple hours i wouldnt thing it would mold in such a short span of time... prior to that it was properly drying

    i think it's cool, just gonna check on it daily, no visible mold so we're gravy... maybe still making some green dragon lol
  13. That sounds good, I'm glad you didn't toss it out or something when it's perfectly usable bud. People will make the mistake from time to time of tossing out/flushing a bag with even the slightest hint of mold... however with weed's current legal status/prices range this is pretty wasteful. There is a point where you must draw a line of course, but as you said, this wasn't one of them.
  14. if your dealer sold you a molded well cured gram would you even know?
    my first harvest had a buncha mold but once dried and cured and handled you cant even tell.. i swear weve all been sold moldy bud at some point in our life.

    what i noticed was the sections of the plant i smoked that were moldy made my allergies go crazy. sneezy stuffy nose. the parts that werent moldy didnt trigger nething..

    in my eyes the only thing the mold really did was effect the taste and smell..
    didnt do much to the potency.

    its really all your call whether you keep it or toss it.
  15. If you can't see any spores even under a microscope, then what's wrong with it?

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