Slightly dry weed and shisha?

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    I know, I know. There are plenty of other threads related to weed with shisha but I have a more specific question. I have a gram of slightly dry Ahghan Goo. It's not terribly dry, but it's been sitting in foil for a week, and probably some baggies before then. So it's not super sticky and soft/moist/whatever. For the weed and shisha mix I was just gonna with the basic sandwich. Shisha, then weed, then shisha. But since my weed's dry I was wondering if maybe I should moisten it up a little? I heard someone say they got it a little wet and that worked great... Help me outtt :smoking:
  2. Yea a little wet with some water should do it. Lol

    Take a hot hot steamy shower for 30 or longer keep bud in high area steam rises. There u go best way.

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