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  1. There is a slight yellowing on the edges and Im looking for any info on what it is.. the plant is almost 4 weeks old from germination. It was slow growing and then I transplanted it into the mom pot that has a 50/50 mix of just top soil and a nutrient rich potting soil. comments please.

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  2. Yikes, Im no PRO, im doing my first plants right now that are younger than yours, but if i remember correctly this yellowing of leaves can be 1 of few things
    -Nutrients( not sure if too much or too little)

    As i said im not sure just relaying what i have read. And i would wait for a more experienced cultivator respond. just though id try and point you in the right direction m8. GL!
  3. I had the same problem and it was because of heat or bad soil.
  4. Thanks for the tips. ive dropped one of the grow lights and ive opened up the intake for the exhaust fan to keep the temps in check. Will see what happens in the next week. I do think ive over watered in the past. Its hard not too.
  5. Where the hell is the perlite? Your soil is "clogged". I would seriously think about CAREFULLY digging that baby up and amending a handful of perlite into that dirt and then carefully putting her back. It will do a world of difference.
  6. The lack of perlite is my rookie mistake. Im scared I will kill it. Anyone have any experiance in doing a transplant at this stage?
  7. OK, while the perlite will help, it's not the only problem you have. In fact, if you have a steady drain of water after your feed then I think you're alright.

    Have you fed it anything? That looks like a deficiency to me. She looks like she could use a dose of some sort of grow nutrient.

    If you plan on repotting her again, then I would worry about the perlite, until then I wouldn't mess around with it.

    EDIT: It's also very unlikely that it's a heat problem. Most heat problems will show on your canopy.
  8. I havent fed with anything. When I moved it to the mom pot I used just top soil with a 50% mix of m/g organic time released potting soil. I thought that it would be a small amount that would be constant for the few months that I was going to grow it. Once sexed I was to clone and keep her around if the final result was satisfactory. Should I add some nutes just to feed it? Now im nervous.
  9. Feed her at half strength of what ever you're feeding recommends.

    She'll be ok, she's old enough to be able to take a half strength dosage, and she may love it. Not having the perlite in there could cause you problems, but as long as you maintain a good watering schedule, and you don't overwater her, you should be fine.
  10. Im not feeding anything but tap water and whatever is in the 50% of m/g soil. Thanks for your input:wave:. My watering schedule is set at when my moisture meter says dry at 6 inches. My biggest issue is lighting now. As you can see i've got all kinds of things going on. We got some true herbs going, Basil, Dill, Cilantro, Rosemary, and Parsley. (I love to cook.) I have a 70 watt hps up top and I dont know how close I can put it. How hot is too hot for a plant. I know the "put your hand under and if you can handle it the plant can" method. But i'm looking for more consistancy.

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  11. Well, see if you can pick up some sort of supplemental nutrient (preferably one for MJ growing), and give it a 50% dose of what is reccomended.

    As for the light, the old place your hand trick is really the best way to do it. As long as you can check your daily, the hand trick works fine. The only time you have to worry about it is if you have to leave for a day or two and it can grow into the light more.

    Otherwise, put the light as close as you can, and do the hand trick. The closer the better, but don't burn her. There are measurments for some lights, but I don't know about a 70 watter.
  12. Thanks bro appreciate the info. I'll apply those tonight and see how it effects the plant by tomorrow.
  13. Question, what direction is the yellowing traveling? You can diagnose the type of nute deficiency sometimes by look at whether the yellow travels up or down the plant (to or away from the new growth).
  14. It started with the proto leaves and has worked its way up to the first fan leaves.
  15. This is def a nitrogen def then, like I first assumed.

    Plant's use nitrogen from the ground up. Do you live in any cornbelt state? Or have you ever seen corn grow by chance? It's an excellent example of how plants use the nitrogen. As harvest season comes, the corn starts to yellow from the ground, all the way to the top of the plant, which means it's time to cut them down!

    That's how MJ does it too when it's in deep flowering, but right now, since it's trying to grow, and it doesn't have enough nitrogen, it's sucking up what it does have, to grow some new leaves.
  16. Hows a way to add just nitrogen?
  17. You don't add just nitrogen, you add a nutrient supplement rich with nitrogen, this is basically any kind of grow nutrient.
  18. blood meal. very high in nitrogen. found it at lowes.

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