Slight yellow tips and curling down

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  1. I'm hoping someone will be able to tell me what might be wrong with my plant. This is my first grow and I'm not sure what could be wrong. I've searched the forums and I see other people with similar problem descriptions but the pics never quite look like mine.

    Heres my grow info..

    Kannabia Special Autos
    Growlab GL80
    400w HPS on 20/4
    Temp stays around 68-70F
    Humidity usually around 47-50%
    Fox Farm soil
    Tropf blumats for watering

    This is around day 30

    For this grow I opted to not use nutes.

    The tips of some of the leaves on one of my three plants appear to be yellowing a bit and curling down. This is mostly on the new growth on the top, but a few of the lower leaves are also yellowing a little and curling. My second plant looks mostly OK but a couple of the leaf tips do show a little yellow. The third plant looks fine, but its a few weeks younger than the other two.

    It looks a lot yellower in person than it does in the pics.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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  2. It should be warmer - around 75 or so.
    What is the Ph at ???
    So, what are they getting fed exactly ???


  3. I'd love to get it warmer in there, but I'm not sure how I could accomplish this. Its a 400w cool tube with a Valueline 6 Inch 435 CFM fan pulling air. Everywhere I read everyone said it would be HOT in a Growlab GL80 with that setup, boy was I surprised when I had to dial the fan down to as low as possible just to get it to 68-70F. I didn't take into account how cool my basement is. Everything I've read has said that while 68-70F isn't ideal, it shouldn't cause a problem. But what do I know? :) Is it a problem?

    PH is at 6.5

    I feel kinda dumb about the nute thing. I was under the impression that the Fox Farm soil had enough nutes in it for the full grow... but it doesn't? Should I order the Fox Farm Trio pack? Do you think this is the problem?

    Thanks for your reply!

  4. See how the temp thing goes. Dont fix what aint broke, hey ???

    The Ph is excellent - I never say that.

    Yes, by all means, go for the Trio pak. Good stuff.
    The plants are hungry but dont overdo it.
    Id start off at 1/4 strength of the recommendation and
    slowly work it up - and let the plants show me.

    Remember this look u are seeing currently. Thats the sign for hunger.
    Soon, u will know what they want by just a glance.


  5. Thanks! I've ordered the Trio pack but it won't be here until sometime next week. Is that too late? Should I give them a small amount of miracle grow all purpose plant food to hold them over?
  6. I wanna say no and take my own advice ie the dont fix it thing...

    But in this case, I think its a good idea - but just a good pinch
    to a gal of water.

    That will green them up and sufficiently tide them over till the
    good shit gets there.

    U have a great, caring attitude man.

  7. Another one saved by freak imagine that. lol They are lookin very well developed even for the deficiency. Looks lika sweet indica
  8. Hello again. I did what was suggested in this thread and everything turned out well until today. I got the miracle grow and gave them just a small amount. A week ago the Fox Farm stuff came and I gave them a dosage of Big Bloom and Grow Big. I was about to give them more today when I saw that my one plant was all discolored. It wasn't like this two days ago. Other than the nutes the only thing I added was a carbon filter two days ago. Not all leaves are like this, it seems to be the ones in the middle.

    Am I not giving enough nutes? Too much nutes? Could the carbon filter somehow cause something like this? PH on this plant is around 6.8-7.0

    Also note this plant was yellowing and was curling the most. It seemed to be doing a lot better until today. See pic for what the leaves are looking like.

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  9. After researching this a bit more I'm thinking its either magnesium deficiency or phosphorus deficiency. Since the PH isn't terribly out of whack I'm guessing its not a PH lock out problem. So the solution for both problem is more nutes? Does that sound right to the experts out there?

    Thanks in advance!
  10. Bump and an update. I nuted up the plant and gave it some epsom salts two days ago. Not sure how long it would take to react to it, but as of this morning it seems like the blotches are spreading to newer leaves.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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