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Slight withdrawal symptoms?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Heigh7, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hey what's up guys..I just started engaging in smoking weed this year, specifically in May. My routine began smoking only once a week and lasted for a decent amount of time. However, as summer progressed, I started going hard as f - especially mid July to now. Since July, I've smoked roughly 5 times a week, all Loud, no mids and even smoked multiple times during those days. Here and there i would take a few days off, but would repeat the whole process. Recently, i've started taking daily breaks to refresh my mind & balance myself more. On days where I have taken off, I have noticed a few things. First off, the following days after I smoke, i can readily notice decreased cognitive performances such as any generic mental task you can think of. My vocabulary is narrowed and I struggle to remain attentive while performing tedious tasks. In addition, especially tonight, I have also noticed slight feelings of depression. Tonight while playing xbox, i randomly started feeling down & sad...yes there are a few problems in my life but these problems suddenly have been escalated. I didn't smoke at all today and I am wondering why marijuana could cause this because it is a mental addiction as opposed to a physical addiction. Thus, i am confused why i am feeling these effects. I am also extremely restless right now & I strongly desire some good ass Loud..but i'm striving not to become a chronic smoker..i only wish to use it sparingly. What should i do?
  2. Whenever you are feeling down, remember you are the sperm that won!

    Just be happy weed exists and that you smoke it ^_^
  3. How have i won man, I'm strugglin'.
  4. Well at the rate you smoke, id say you are almost a chronic smoker. If you want to feel normal when you dont smoke then limit it to the weekends. As for your problems right now, it will all go away within 3 days of not smoking. Whenever i take a break, the first three days suck and then i feel great.
  5. but dude i just started smoking a lot towards the end of July, and I just started smoking weed in I mean.. my experience is limited although the rate has been pretty damn high.. I still get ripped & exercising every single day has prevented any tolerance issues i gotta be pleased with that at least
  6. Yes there are withdrawal symptoms for some people, I guess everyone reacts differently to weed. It's all listed on Erowid. Unfortunately, like you i also experienced those symptoms, and they usually pass in about 3-4 days. If you want to speed up the process go sweat yourself for a day or two and you'll squeeze out the thc from your body a bit quicker. It was easier to quit cigarettes than sober up from heavy toking.
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    Start taking an Omega-3 daily. It will help, also I suggest L-Theanine it occurs naturally in green tea and is sold in capsules at places such as GNC... I actually have a list I would suggest that I used for anxiety.. Anxiety is closely linked with depression so maybe my regime may be beneficial to you? If anyone is interested feel free to PM me.

    Edit: As far as addiction mental+physical addiction is possible, withdrawals however for physical addiction would be things like insomnia and a profound lack of appetite.
  8. I get grumpy if I smoked a TON the night before until I smoke, or if I don't smoke until the next day, but that's about it...

    When I'm quitting I have trouble sleeping and eating for a few days, but again that's it.

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