Slight wilting and small orange specks

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  1. Hey all,

    I've been growing two clones for the past three weeks and all has been well, until my Cinex began displaying some potential signs of sickness recently. I topped it four days ago, but I believe it's growth may have been stunted vs. my other plant (healthy Fire OG) for the past week or so. It's in Fox Farm soil and receives Fox Farm macro and micro nutrients along with water every two to three days depending on soil moisture. It's under a 300 watt Platinum LED light at 24", which I kicked up to full power yesterday (thinking I should drop it back down to just the "veg" switch).

    Within the past 48 hours the leaves have wilted a bit, and I'm noticing some very small yellow/orange specks on them. I can't see any insects, and I'm able to rub the specks off with my finger. Here's a few pics of what I'm talking about; I can take more if it helps. Am I an idiot who's overthinking this and the specks are just crystals, or is this potentially related to the wilting?

    I'm a novice here just having fun trying to grow some decent weed. I don't have the tools to test in depth, so I'm curious if my description/pics set off any obvious alarms to anyone. Any advice on this is much appreciated!
  2. Here's a better picture of the wilting:

  3. My apologies, let's try this:

  4. Nope, still nothing. I see there should be videos there but its showing corrupt file icons.

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  5. I'm sorry bud, Imgur isn't playing nice with this forum. Going old school here and separating the URL with a space after https and after Imgur to avoid turning it into a link. Can you copy paste without the space to see the images? Thanks for the effort here!!

    https ://imgur .com/a/6XuYi#BYncmUw

    https ://imgur .com/a/bfdsw#BZbhOkf
  6. Could be a sign of CalMag deficiency. Plants tend to use less NPK nutrients under our LED, but love eatting up CalMag. Hope this helps!

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