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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by blazin420, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. Hi. I am about to start growing for the first time. I just moved into a new place with a large closet perfect for growing. But unfortunately, this morning I realized that the closet wasn't very warm. Then I walked in and the floor was cold. The temp in the closet is probably around 60 degrees F.

    Will this be a problem? I hope not cause my attic is REALLY cold. If so, I'll probably just have to wait until spring.

  2. 60 derfrees f aint too bad

    wot light source r you planning on using.
  3. Cool White Fluros at first, then switch to 400W HPS for flowering.

    Its more the temp of the floor that I'm concerned about. The floor feels real cold when walking bare feet on it. But like I said, the atmosphere in the closet is more like 60 degrees. The floor is probably around 45 degrees.

    Would putting a carpet down on the floor, then covering it with plastic fix the problem?
  4. Yeah the carpet and plastic would help alot. Is there anyway u could raise them off the floor by an inch or so?
  5. just raise them up a bit, they'll be fine.....and the floor will heat up a bit when the lights are on, and if your lucky, your central heating system may have pipes under the floor which will help when the light is off.......well i have them, and their

    why the fluros to start with, or is it just till their a couple of inches high? and then under the HPS?......Peace out.......Sid
  6. No problem. I'll throw a rug down, then put the pots on a couple of metal racks I have. They will elevate the pots about 6" off the floor.

    I was under the impression that I had to start with Fluros. I can use HPS from the very beginning until harvest?? I thought the HPS were a little too strong for the babies.

    So, if I go with HPS instead, how many will I need if I am starting with 6 plants? I was planning on using 4 Fluro tubes.
  7. wooden plallet cut down to size, cardbord, white plastic.

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  8. ...

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  9. Thats pretty sweet THUG. I never thought about the HPS bringing up the temp. lol I'll try that setup THUG if the HPS doesn't warm it up enough. Thanks.
  10. im hoping the temps do not drop to much at night.
    thats why its empty and im up at 4am taking temps.
    under the plastic and the pallet is freezing.
    above is still room temp.

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