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Slight headache now and then.. after burning out.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dale.Gribble, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Has anyone else experienced this? For the past couple months I've been smoking roughly 4-5 times a day out of that 4 footer I posted earlier, and I find I get a slide headache after I burn out occasionally, I was just curious if anyone knows how I feel..

    Could just be a sickness going around, you never know..

    I'd appreciate the feed back, thanks guys.

    happy toking GC :smoke::smoke:
  2. you could be smoking too much man.. i know when i smoke after the 3rd or 4th time i zombie out and get a headache. slow it down a little
  3. yahh, could be.. this is a little unusual, started a 3-4 days ago.. could just be a flu going around, I hope.. I've smoked it chronically like that for a year now, with mild breaks and I havn't had any kind of headache during those times.

    Thanks for the feedback, + rep :) :smoke::smoke:
  4. I get that when i smoke indica's all the time like beasters and heavy shit. I think it comes from coming down to fast off a high im not sure.
  5. Where does it hurt? It could be a sinus headache. I was just sick with a normal stuffy nose type thing, and all the sucking back up of runniness has caused me to have bad headaches all throughout the day, even right when I wake up but if I just take some aspirin all is well, and it doesn't hurt when I'm smoking or when I'm high, but yeah sinus headaches suck it feels like im gettin flicked in the head all the fucking time, which is actually pretty painful if you do it enough.
  6. Word, dark ass stoney weed always makes me wake up dehydrated, stomache-achey, dizzy, a little pukey, and gasping from cottonmouth.
    It sucks, but as long as there's more it's alright because a quick drink and a bowl will fix it.
    But then you run out and it's all bad. I'd stick to sativa strains only if it were more available to me.
  7. Thanks for the info, ++ rep. I know this is gonnna sound weird but it actually feels its coming from the corner closest to my nose on my right eye.. its very weird, but it does feel like a headache coming back and fourth. I've never not had bud for a year, so its not the shortage of it, thats for sure.. :)

    what should I do if it is a sinus headache..
  8. Maybe try and get some higher quality bud. I dont know what youre smoking now but I usually only burn out when I smoke regs/mids, regardless how many times I smoke that day.
  9. #9 Dale.Gribble, Feb 20, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 20, 2009
    Oh trust me, when I get high, I get ripped.. its usually kush, just got some warlock haze also. I smoke some fairly good hash, considering .5 with about a gram of kush gets me fucking baked. :) My grinders full of keif and I smoked alot of it earlier, I'm high for a good 45 min to an hour, but the headaches are less painful then.. I don't find I burnt out hard either. :smoke::smoke:
  10. Oh and if you have a sinus headache I recommend going to the doctor immediately. Ive had one before and it was basically the worst headache Ive ever had that lasted for about a week, not fun at all.
  11. Might just be shitty chron
  12. I've heard about various prescriptions and otc drugs that have sinus right in the name, but I've also heard that these aren't that effective. I heard that just taking aspirin or ibuprofen or acetaminophen (sp) -tylenol will help and I take aspirin and it works fine and for a long time, but be careful with that stuff because it's all more addictive and potentially more dangerous than weed.
  13. do you smoke ciggarettes too?

    if so, just all the smoke will eventually lead to drowsiness \ lack of oxygen and could definatly lead to a headache

    could also just be a sinus thing going around, who knows.
  14. This used to happen to me quite frequently too, I think it was just because I was getting dehydrated though. So, I guess try drinking water after you get done burning.:devious:
  15. That happens to me any time I smoke too much too fast. Just slow down. I also find that taking about a week break helps. I'm taking one right now for that very reason. Sunday it's over! Can't wait!

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