Slight Dilemma

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    I am having a hard-time deciding what to do. I had two seeds that looked weak and small with no patterns/stripes and they both germinated. But I only wanted one, my other space is reserved for G-force.

    But I cannot bring myself to decide which one should live and which one should die, after-all I originally underestimated them.

    1)Will these seeds result in weak plants?

    2) Would it be possible to put two seeds in one pot?, I am not sure if I could choose between them...

    *(Both these questions refer to my dream garden, in a dream-space I only visit in sleep)*
  2. They shouldn't do if they are white then they are not mature enough to germinate so chuck them but if there' Brown green any colour but white then there fine.

    It's just genetics
  3. I suppose the only way to determine genetics is to watch them grow, thanks.

  4. Being that its the easiest thing in the world to germinate a seed and plant it just do it. Your over thinking it.

    Do not put 2 seeds in one pot. Pots are cheap no reason to.

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