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slight dilemma.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wanmower, May 13, 2010.

  1. i used to have a really amazing dealer. he hooks me up hella.
    but lately his weed has been...not so good.
    i dont know why, but it burns hella quick. ive been told it could be from spraying shit but i know my dealer very well. he doesnt do that.he has a very good rep.
    i dont know if its the weed or what.
    but i like him because of the prices. its basically $5-$10 a gram.

    but theres this other dealer i have thats alright.
    he wants to charge $25 for two grams.
    and yes, the weed is probably better quality cuz its from the club, but i dont know.
    i dont like the price.

    $20 almost an 1/8th of questionable bud
    or $25 for 2 grams of club bud.
  2. To be honest man 2 grams for $25 isn't really that bad of prices.. I mean, maybe by you.. around here, 2 grams for $30-40.. so maybe consider, club bud for a bit more.. not burning fast. IDK man, all I know is I burned up some and I'm hitting the sack. I don't list posting when I'm high I make no sense I don't think.

    Hope this helps? loll
  3. You seem to trust him so bite the bullet once or twice more to be sure. A small price to pay to find out if you really like the dealer.

    Maybe it's him, maybe it's not. Either way, if it's bad I'd move on to the club bud.

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