SlideSlinger Slide and Stem Rack

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    Finally came up with a name, and I am building the website in the next few days. Here are a few pictures of the slideslinger. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Here is mine filled [​IMG]
  2. will be up in the next week. If this post is against rules please delete.
  3. That is a dope invention man! That is something I would definitely buy!:hello:
  4. Kinda cool, I would buy one but I have everything I need to make one in my shop in like 5 minutes haha.
  5. good stuff, a necessary accessory for the glass enthusiast :D
  6. exactly what im thinking haha
  7. not everyone has the tools or skill to make them. The biggest thing that this will have going for it is workmanship and quality. If it looks and feels like its professionally made, it'll do a lot better.

    Plus, a lot of people would rather just buy something than make it themselves. Do you buy juice? Why not just put in fruit trees in your backyard and make your own? Have you ever bought any wooden furniture? Why not build it yourself?
  8. I agree. This is the type of thing I'd rather just buy. Looks alot sturdier than I could make it.
  9. They are super sturdy, and yes if you have the skills and tools you could absolutely make your own. That's how this started. I was looking for a rack just for my bowls and found nothing but flat pieces of wood, some with logos and I thought I could do better. Not only will the this hold your bowls but most stems and ashcatchers as well. Just re-stained the triangle, I decided against the artificial aging.
  10. This thing looks badass! I was just cleaning my glass yesterday when i thought i needed something to keep it safe in.


  11. i keep my slides either in a bag or uh, in my waterpipe haha

    but some like to display their stuff i understand. cant do that in central pa... nice concept

  12. I just hate seeing good glass get crammed in a shoebox or a sock.
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    Triangle finished. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. Since nobody else appeared to notice, I gotta say it first. 420 on the stove ftw.
  15. I can also be found on etsy. Triangle is up now.
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    Site is up , but still not setup fully. Taking orders though, also giving a discount on racks already built and new orders. I am looking into making wood cases for tubes. I will also be making something that is unique, it will be something any true connoisseur will want to house their collection. Will be a month before it's ready, just wetting the appetite.
  17. New: The A Frame Stained to your liking, drilled with up to 8 slide positions. PM if your interested. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  18. That A Frame is Dope.

    Im making a similar slide rack(i only have a few slides right now so nothing big) and i was just wondering if you could tell me what bit size you use to drill ofr the 14mm slides. Its it a 14mm bit? Or do you go like 1mm bigger or smaller?

    pm if you like.

  19. I use a 1/2 bit and sand it to fit properly. Next racks will have glass joints just waiting for the order to arrive to start producing them.
  20. NICE! Thanks for the help!

    Tried to rep but i gotta spred it i guess.


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