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slide prob need help

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by edwardvanhalen, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. hey guys, ok i have a problem, my slide is stuck in my bong
    i looked up things on how to get it out but was unsuccessful
    i tried boiling it then taking it out but its really stuck in there
    anybody have any suggestions
    im gonna leave alcohol in the whole bong tonite so hopefully it will come out
    but is there a easy way to do this, and if i cant get it out can i just leave it in
  2. My slide and bowl were stuck together and i just tried to use a lot of 91% alcohol and wait til the resin buildup wasn't stuck on both parts. This is why I now wash it with kosher salt and alcohol before each use. It's lie smoking out of a brand new bong each time! Mmm but yes also try soaking the entire bong in your sink or tub with vinegar and alcohol
  3. I unstick all my peices by soaking them in grunge off and it works very well, or if you dont have grunge off try soaking it in a mix of dish soap n water basically all you wanna do is oil up the joints to unstick them.

    but you may have a harder time since you boiled your peice which may have made it worse. good luck.
  4. ok thanks for the suggestions, my buddy told me boiling it made it worse and he was right
  5. hey guys again, this slide is in here like glue. So if i cant get it out would i be able to leave it in there forever?
    I figure if i just keep the bottom half of the slide clean to make sure the holes dont get shut with resin, i should be ok just leaving it in there.

    what do you guys think
  6. from what ive heard twisting is the trick to getting stems/bowls out
  7. yeah i know, its stuck in there so i need another way

  8. It's never a good idea to boil a piece. It can often make the thinner glass become wear and more susceptible to breaking.. Be careful and good luck! :bongin:
  9. That grunge off is amazinggg.. works better then anything I've ever had
  10. Have you tried sticking it in the freezer? I've heard this works...

  11. The change in temp can cause the resin to cool down which may be what's binding these two together so well.
  12. thanks for all the feedback guys.
    Last night i put alcohol in my bong, it cleaned it but didnt make the stem come out haha
    i think my buddy might have glued the stem in their because its really unfathomable at how stuck it is, i will look for some of this grung off
    i was also thinking about carbeorator cleaner but ill see what happens
    thanks again

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