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  1. Hello fellow Blades!!!  :wave:
    First thread on here, going to be jumping in about 2 weeks into flowering my Barney's Farm Critical Kush and Cream of the Crop's Cream Chese. This will be ever evolving and updated as much as I can (I work A LOT :confused_2:   ). 
    Closet Grow (2.5 x 3.5 x 6.5) L x W x H
    Using the window in the room to ventilate the room, which ventilates the closet. Not airtight, making do with what we have.
    1 12" Oscillating floor fan in room by window
    1 Small oscillating fan in closet entrance
    1 400w MH for veg
    1 400w HPS for flower
    2 5 gal pots
    1/3 FFOF 
    1/3 Happy Frog
    1/3 EWC/Dolomite/Epsom
    General Organics Grow
    GO Bloom
    GO BioRoot
    Superthrive (only used 1 drop for germination and some at first feed)
    Here they are around 2 weeks veg:
    The yellowing was some mild light burn, all ok now.
    Around 3 weeks veg I supercropped and bent them over, left one snapped (but has since made a full recovery)!
    Around 6 weeks of veg and after some LST
    These pictures are about 2 days into flower, I will have some updated pics soon!!
    Thanks for reading!  :bongin:   :gc_rocks:

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    Subd! First one here lol everything is looking really good man love the training you did.
  3. I plan on using the proceeds of this run to buy a tent and outfit the closet properly. End result is to have a veg/clone room and a Flower room.
    Hey Bigcat! Thanks for stopping in!
  5. [quote name="slickpudding" post="19410239" timestamp="1390759635"]I plan on using the proceeds of this run to buy a tent and outfit the closet properly. End result is to have a veg/clone room and a Flower room.[/quote]That's what I do every grow I get more and more of what I need for my ideal set up.
  6. I used to live in Hawaii while I was in the Military, I learned to grow outdoor there and started making some purchases for an indoor setup. Well of course when I moved, they lost over 60% of my household goods in shipment, so I've been slowly making my way back... Still haven't received any compensation for that either.
  7. Also, those proportions are wrong for my soil amendments, they add up to about 3 cups total, I forget the exact measurements this run, but I eyeball it proportionately  :smoking:
  8. I'm about to start mixing my own soil for next round.
  9. Plants are looking great so far bud. I'll sub up fo sho. :bongin:
  10. Wow, thanks Ironhead! 
  11. Yea, my goal is to go 100% organic, but I don't have the space to keep all of the ingredients right now.
  12. What branch were ya? Marines here. :)
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    Semper Fi Devil!! Hahaha, glad to meet you!
    When did you serve, I just got out in 2012.
  14. I figured when you said Hawaii.. ;)
    Got a group of jarheads on here.. I'll rustle em up and send em your way. Come stop by the thread and introduce yourself sometime. :D
  15. Awesome! Thanks man, and will do!
  16. I'll follow along...looks promising!
  17. Thanks Ozzie, appreciate it, thanks for the sub!
  18. got a link?
    Thats what I do for every journal!! :laughing:

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