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    this is my first scrog. I have 2 super lemon haze plants under a 600w hps, in a 18gal dwc. This is my 5th grow, 2nd in a hydro setup. 1st doing scrog.

    From different scrogs ive seen. Some already have decent size buds on them where the buds are just starting to pierce the surface of the screen, and some have a massive jungle above the screen b4 any buds have been formed.

    I was just wondering which way is the correct way?

    Heres mine so far. they are starting on the second week of 12/12. They were barley touching the screen b4 i switched to 12/12, they have grown a hell of a lot since i flippped the switch to 12/12. Ive got 2 differnt phenos i belive. 1 of the plant i taking up probably 65% of the screen the other is taking up like 20-25%

    Any comments or even criticism much appreciated.



  2. Lookin good man!

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