Slept 4 hours in the last week

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  1. So here I am laying in bed again. I've slept 4 Hours in the last week. I have very bad insomnia and can't sleep without bud. Problem is, I moved to a new area and have no connects. I don't know what to do to help me fall asleep and I have a job interview tomorrow. Please help blades.
  2. Seems like evryone's having sleep problems lately. Go buy some NyQuil or something, take like 4 or 5.
  3. Tylenol pm works for me
  4. Read a book
  5. id give advice but i cant sleep either
  6. masturbation is the key to sleeping my son
  7. i feel your pain, i have horable insomnia. iv ended up staying up 110 hours+ a few times and it messes with you, i find the more you stay up the harder it is to sleep. all i can recomend is either getting some sleeping pills which is not always a good choice (but if you want sleeping pills ask your doctor about seroquel or quetiapine in a low dose) otherwise try to fall asleep by doing something that calms you (for me that ends up beeing listening to music and going on GC) hope that helps
  8. When I seriously can't sleep I pop a xanax.
  9. take some drugs lol

    no im kidding take some drowsy meds or some shots of patron
  10. An good size dose of Benadryl (same active ingredient as Tylenol PM, FYI) and masturbation. Be prepared to wake up groggy and with cottonmouth from hell though.
  11. go for a run, masturbate, and drink advil PM
  12. Excercise around bed time or take a long hot shower
  13. Start a club by kicking your own ass in a parking lot.

    Really though, I'm not an insomniac, I just have newborn. I've had three weeks of three and four hour sleep nights. Doesn't sound that bad, but this shit sucks, so I'm sure you're suffering. Get some pm medicine and alcohol and get some sleep!
  14. just read the bible, thatll knock you out for sure
  15. grow. you shall sleep in 4months.

    honestly man that shit is crazy sleepin 4 hours a week. i have a friend who sleeps like that, that shit can fuck with you lol.
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    Go to the doctor, it could be something serious, no have a computer, google it.
  17. Man I've sleeping problems ever since I can remember and im only 20. If I go to sleep sober its taking me at least 2 hrs of tossing and turning before sleep comes. Smoking works pretty good for falling asleep but not staying asleep. Every night I'll wake up 3-4 times. I'm prescribed 1mg Xanax and 30mg temazepam but you don't want to really fuck with benzos. They really don't even put me to sleep half the time unless I take 3x the dose. I think that certain people require less sleep than others. I can function perfectly fine on 5 hours of sleep a night while lots cant

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  19. get drunk! that helps me when I can't sleep.

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