SLENDER (slender man game) FREE!

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  1. Slender - Download

    Safe download dont worry :) Cool horror game where u go around collecting pages and running from slender man.
  2. Slendie! I missed you buddy.
  3. Where my daughter? :confused_2:
  4. My girlfriend told me about this last night and we played it on my big screen tv with all the lights off, that was her plan. So I started playing it not knowing shit about the game or what to do but he said im basically in the woods with a flashlight trying to grab papers and to not look at "slenderman".

    So i'm thinking what the fuck? Whatever bra. So im walking around, you can zoom in and shit, creepy ass woods and I spot a paper on this rusty ass looking tube. Then the music changes and theres these fucking loud ass foot steps and im like what the fuck.

    So I walk some more to and the sound is creepy as shit and its pissing me off that I have no weapon, not even a damn wrench. I was looking around where to go and I see this figure deep in the background and it goes to static and it scared the fucking shit out of me.

    Fuck this game. I was drunk and high as hell, this shit isnt needed. Definitely the scariest game Ive ever played and its so simple. Fuck the bathroom/house
  5. Meh its just "okay"

    I have it on my desktop... I play it every so often
  6. Lmao u got trolled hard by ur woman... I also hate that little fucking house.. The first time I saw slendy was inside that fucker and I nearly shit bricks..
  7. When he finally caught me, i never screamed louder in my life.

    The anticipation is intense and just boost the fear when he finally gets you. Knowing hes always behind you just gets to you.

    So simply made.

  8. Dude keep trying to beat it because apparently u can beat it and if u do u unlock a secret level or some shit.. I haven't beat it and I am tired of slendy butt fucking me.. Fuck that lol
  9. I've heard about this before and even playing it one time but it didn't really stand out to me at the time. Today I decided to give it a go with some friends of mine, we all got fairly high together and then we started it up.

    I'd just watched some of those Slenderman video's on YouTube and a documentary on it, so I had slender man in mind a fair bit, I was very surprised at the very good atmosphere something so simple like this could set, it scared me do death. I never got to see instances of Slenderman, just the noise, video stutter and then what I could assume was only death.

    Really need to give it another go and try and get all the notes.
  10. my favourite game to play blazed
  11. I know what you mean man, it's pretty damn good whilst high. Has anyone played through the Slenderman's shadow levels, they are pretty damn good. So far my favorite one is probably Sanatorium so far, but they are all pretty good themselves. The original developer of eight pages is making a new game called Slender: The Arrival, it looks pretty good so far, can't wait for release. The mod Faceless that's being developed looks quite promising too. Lot of new content coming out, I'm liking it.

    Links if anyone is interested.

    Slenderman's Shadow Windows game - Indie DB

    Slender: The Arrival Windows game - Indie DB

    Faceless mod for Half-Life 2 - Mod DB
  12. Like there isnt 15 other threads of slender? Use search function. Game blows.

    Play Penumbra 1, 2, 3, Amnesia, and Anna.

    All of those shit on Slender
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    I downloaded this game several nights ago but i wanted to wait untill saturday night to play it so i can get realllly ripped and try it out. It was so damn scary, by far the most scared i have been from a video game. I highly recomend this game.

    EDIT: LOL i just almost had a heart attack! iam so fucking ripped that after walking around for 5 mins i thought i was playing minecraft and i was looking for my house untill slender got me. i shat bricks.
  14. Last night, i was so scared that i walked in a straight line across the whole map because i was so afraid of turning. I got to a fence, and just shut the game off instead of turning around.

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