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    I just downloaded and played Slender Man for the first time. Pretty scary shit.

    I only got 2 out of 8 pages and my flashlight was so low on charge. I could barely see, next thing you know I turned it off for a second and turned it on and he was right there. Couldn't look away in time :(

    Anyways what are your experiences with this game? Ever beat it?

    Download: Slender Game


  2. fuck you man i aint playing that shit. I just got over slender man plagueing my mind.
  3. yeah i played that shit and woke up everyone in the house at like 3 am.. i'm not allowed to play anymore
  4. How far did you guys get?

    I had the lights off, but my girlfriend is here haha so it wasn't as bad.
  5. What is it?

  6. It's a indie-horror game where you start off in the woods. You have to wonder around with a flashlight to collect 8 pages. Slender Man follows you, he can appear in front or behind you. If you look at him for more than a few seconds you lose.

    As you get more pages he appears more.

    May not sound scary, but go to the link and give it a try. It's free.
  7. The videos on YouTube are more creepy than the game in my opinion, especially the first few episodes.
  8. Fuck that... i barly made it threw the virtual haircut
  9. Tried again...only got 1 page. Everytime I saw him I jumped and lost control of the mouse. I always managed to look away and survive though.

    That shit rustled my jimmies.
  10. looks really slow to play

  11. You can run on there. It's not too fast, but when he pops up out of nowhere and the music plays you'll jump for sure xD.
  12. i have to play this lol
  13. New record of 5/8 pages. Not so scary anymore...
  14. I. AM. THE. SLENDERMANG:devious::eek:
  15. I've played Slender: Woods quite a few times and I think the highest I've ever gotten is like five or something.

    You should give some of the other levels people have made a try OP.

    Ignore the part about buying the game, unless you want to.

    Slender Man's Shadow

    There's some mods coming out as well that look very promising if anyone is interested.

    Faceless mod for Half-Life 2 - Mod DB

    That's the point of it, the tension is supposed to build up as you play. That's whats lost on gamers today, they need constant action.

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