Slender Man

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  1. Ready for a good scare? Download this game and prepare to freak out. All you need is a pair of headphones and the dark.

    The entire game you're in a woods at night time, with just a flashlight. The objective is to find 8 pieces of paper, hence the name Slender: The Eight Pages. Go ahead and run ahead the forest to your heart's content, nothing is going to chase you....that is until you find your first piece of paper. Once you find your first piece, the Slender Man starts chasing you. You could be standing still, looking in a circle around you and all of a sudden you see him off in the distance through the trees. You'll know when you're by him, as the sound becomes full of static. Careful not to get caught by him though, because once you do it's game over.
  2. why do you need headphones? I broke mine lol where do I download it from
  3. Damn dude sounds like Friday the 13th game on super Nintendo with creepy music
  4. The screen and shits starts to static when he gets close. And when it gets like right infront of you it gets extremely loud
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    I'm on my iPod :(

    But of course there's an app! I hope it doesn't suck though. Ima go play it :smoke:

    Edit: it sucks. Too laggy lol
  6. Old news.

    I love me some slendy though.
  7. Tried it, didn't find it scary. My friends practically piss themselves playing it though, lol, so I wish it scared me as much as it did them.
  8. Never said it was new.

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