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  1. Two 12 year old girls stab friend to death in the woods because "Slenderman" made them do it. Creepy

  2. a shrink will call these girls "victims" to the press, just watch.
  3. Creepy story, parents letting the internet raise their kids this is what happens

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  4. Fucking sickening, little bitches. I grew up around horror films since an early age, watching the Evil Dead and stuff. I didn't go out with a chainsaw claiming Henrietta made me do it.
  5. Sounds like they have more issues than believing IN slenderman.
  6. Hope those kids get some help and plenty of prison time. 
  7. Now they are going to blame the videogames. 'They teach our kids violence' 
    If videogames teach your kids violence, you are doing a -TERRIBLE- job as a parent?
  8. ... alot of stabs
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    Here we go again! 

    Dumb fucking bitches. 

    Edit: The shocking thing to me is, the victim was stabbed 19 times and lived! What a trooper! Glad to hear at least the victim lived. 
  10. We shouldn't even know as much about this as we do and further this case should be in a juvenile court.
  11. Saw their mugshots... Shits fucked up
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    Edit your OP no one died.

    I'm weirdly unsurprised by all this. In this age of the interwebz almost everything is expectable.
  13. Completely over games, shows, music etc being the blame...
    This story is sad. But now, although these girls will receive their punishment, I can only hope they also receive some form of help. We don't need to be feeding the monsters.
  14. This is exactly what happens when you let your 12 year old kids go on the Internet all day completely unsupervised. The Internet in 2014 is not what it was in 2004, there is a LOT of fucked up shit and gullible 12 year olds will eat it up given their lack of real world experience. I'm sure the parents didn't care about their unlimited Internet usage, though. Kids probably had an iPhone with unlimited data, an iTabfuckit, a laptop, all the goods. I am not one to blame video games or music for kids' evil and sadistic behavior but the Internet is a completely different story when it comes to the minds of young children. This is tragic, and was incredibly preventable. 
  15. Nice, Slenderman got some new proxies.
  16. The scariest part to me was reading one girl said she felt NOTHING when she was stabbing the victim, better keep an eye on her!
  17. As far as the video in the OP goes, no I don't blame the Internet itself - lots of people read those stories for the fun of it and understandably so...I do blame the parents for, like I mentioned earlier, not supervising their young daughters' activities on the Internet. Everyone knows how dangerous the Internet can be for gullible minds...stupid, useless parents.  
  18. I know this is an old topic but I didn't feel like making another. This shit happened in my hometown where I grew up. I remember smoking weed in those woods numerous times so it is all kind of surreal. My little sister goes to the rival school of the victim and all of the kids seem to be giving her nothing but love. 
    Here is a video of where the victim is at now;

    Kind of crazy it happened and it is really reassuring to see the community that I know as home come together for this little girl.
  19. I once played the game slenderman, and it scared me so much I had to murder half the village.

    True made up story bro.

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  20. Some proper fucked up people out there.

    I pray i go through my life,and never meet any of them lol

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