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  1. I am thinking about getting a half sleeve tattoo in April, for the blades out there with sleeve tats I was wondering how did you come up with enough ideas to cover so much space? Did your artist help you come up with a lot of the design or no?
  2. Speaking from my sister she has a half sleeve. It is not just one theme but I do know many people who have one theme. My sister has part themed with some large detail pieces to fill in big space. It was her ideas and her artist found a way to make it for her arm. It's taken time and lots of money because it's done by top artists. With that much time and money spent go for a good artist. And I will add I think sleeves are damn sexy
  3. I started with a general theme and over time came up with ideas that I like from it, or related to it. For instance, the top half of my right sleeve is an octopus, and it's half-submerged in water, which means the rest of the sleeve will be underwater, and I'm choosing to do a Poseidon/ocean-floor scene on the forearm with classical ancient greek themes.

    My left sleeve will start with a depiction of Elesium; grassy, rolling green hills with some of the mythological heroes, which means the rest of my arm can have stuff like the sun, zeus/sky scenes etc.

    You just gotta find something you like, and think about how it can all be worked together through common elements/themes.

    Edit: That's just one way to do it, if you want it all related. Some people do more patchwork stuff where none of it is related, and if done well it can still look fantastic, so don't limit your thinking.
  4. I had lots of little ideas and my artist filled in the blanks
  5. My dad has 2 full sleeves... A good idea that would fit on everyone is a badass aquatic scene. My dad has a huge squid with crazy details with whales and shit it's crazy
  6. meh, I was thinking about getting everything that has been influential on me up until this point. But I also might just pick one theme and work on it :confused_2:

    it's sort of a late 21st bday gift for myself
  7. hmmmm meme theme? like the pictures that started some of them.

    (Unless of course your getting a tattoo i wouldn't advise it.)
  8. lol nah man not really what I would wanna be looking at 20 years down the road

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