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Discussion in 'General' started by Xavior, May 31, 2004.

  1. OK, so I got this stuff thats keeping me awake like crazy and I need like some tips on getting to sleep, been up all night....sleeping pills are out. Hope there is some trick I can use :) thx all.
  2. what 'stuff' is keeping you up at night? that might help for starters. other than that, excersise, and maybe smoke an hour before ya go to sleep.
  3. It really depends on what it is, but alot of weed smoking can help most things, or just wait till the stuff that is keeeping you awake wears off.
  4. well it took me like 6 hours to get to sleep cause it wouldnt wear off, i was hoping there was some breathing technique or sthn easy i could do to just goto sleep, lol.
  5. well since there no breathin technic i can only recomend smokein a blunt or 2 then eating that always gets me tired
  6. Smoke some heavy indica bud before bed. That should do the trick.

    There's natural herbs that can help the sleeping process. Kava kava and Valerian are pretty popular. However, in rare cases they can produce opposite affects, and keep you awake. This happened to me, so I don't know.

    Weed always works for me.
  7. Have you done snow tho? Its like stronger than acid at keeping me awake.
  8. Same problem tonight, lol.
  9. Well its 5am and I'm not tired, I think I will try that herbal remedy tho, thank you for suggesting it. I've kind-of been meaning to try different herbal mixture in my Volcana, which I gather is possibly. Hopefully I'll fall asleep in a few hours, night all - and to all a good night.
  10. You have to realise that whenever you take any snow you wont be able to sleep. i don't know if that's coke or not because coke certainly isn't called that where i'm from,

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