Sleepwalker McCain: Patriot or Hypocrite?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by AmericanDrugWar, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Obama not only admits to having tried marijuana, he freely admits to having inhaled saying, "that was the whole point." McCain has solemnly vowed to lock up even medicinal pot smokers but regularly uses powerful sleeping pills known to have hazardous side effects.

    Patriot or hypocrite? You decide.

    Enjoy this 4 minute spoof from the makers of "American Drug War".


    ABC News: McCain's Ambien Use - A Security Threat?
  2. Hypocrite and a Draconian, denying people their right to medicine is the same thing as toturing them. Nuff Said
  3. Yes, I agree with you about McCain but you all act like Obama is better. He's not, in fact I think he is even worse. Being younger and having used it, he should know better. But he doesn't care about us. Not one bit.

    Obama has flip flopped on marijuana. Recently when asked about it? He said he wouldn't "risk any political capital" for even medical marijuana, for these sick mothers. Risk any political capital???? Are you serious? What political capital? The issue is more popular than you Barack! 75% of voters support medical marijuana. It's a vote winner. But his corporate backers don't like it....
  4. Funny a friend warned me about the movie, "American Drug War", now I know why. Misleading people to think Obama is better than McCain on drugs? When the only chance is to raise hold heck to make Obama do the right thing. Instead they sheep and herd to the one guy that is vulnerable to our pressure. McCain will never cave on this, Obama could. But only if he was forced to. Does this force Obama's hand or strengthen it while allowing him to do nothing to help us? You decide. I know where I stand. OBAMA WILL NEVER, EVER HELP US!

    "That was the point." Yeah, my point is right after you backed off those statements and said you would not risk "political capital" to support medical marijuana. How your spokesperson backed off on all your statements and said people who break the law, should be arrested and prosecuted. Did "American Drug War" come out with a video of that or are they just another group of fake marijuana reformers in the bag for Obama? Look around people, there is lots of that going down.
  5. Ok I give you that Obama may not be that great, but between somone who is full out 100 percent against MM and somone who is partial towards it who would you pick? Exactly, Obama is looking pretty good now.
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    You expect me to be happy about a guy that smoked but wants to arrest me for using it for medical reasons when more than 75% of voters support me? He is not partial, he hides. 75% of people support it, there is no political capital to be lost. He lied to you and me and America. He's worse than McCain. At least McCain people can see is out of it but not hiding his true position. Obama like Bill Clinton is playing a game for votes. But when in office will do nothing. People said the same about Bill Clinton as they do now about Obama. "He's cool, he plays the sax and smoked but didn't inhale. He'll legalize it. He's shown he sympathetic to it." He lied and wasn't and increased the drug war much greater than Bush and Reagan before him....

    Who would I pick when given two candidates who don't back the will of the people? Neither.
    It's on us anyways. MA is about to go decrim, it is opposed by the Governor who is friends with and supports the campaign of Obama. But it's us that is going to do this, not Obama or McCain. It's false arguement to say one is better. They both suck. It's on us, not them to do something. This "Drug War" video hurts more than it helps, silencing the questions about Obama only ensures he doesn't have to talk about it no more. Worst possible thing for us to get something done. It's up to us, not the sell outs I have gone over in this thread...
  7. You have a point, they are both steaming piles of shit. But one of these steaming piles of shit is gonna be our president and lead the USA. So who are you gonna pick?
  8. What drug makes you stutter?
  9. Sorry, if I come off so righteous and firebrand. This whole thing about Obama bothers me, bigtime.

    But to answer your question.

    Neither. And neither are you likely to. I'm speaking from reality. It's the electoral college. In MA, that means my vote doesn't matter for President. No democrat has lost a Presidential election in MA. It's winner take all the delegates in MA. So that little thing called voting for President to me is a joke. But yet, I'll vote for Question #2 in MA, to decriminalize cannabis which is way more popular than these candidates. We are leading in MA with this binding decrim initiative, 72% support to 22% against. Amazing, we are up by 50% points and Obama won't risk political capital for even medical?

    Most likely for option for me for President, is to vote 3rd party or none of the above but more importantly I will pressure both Obama and his MA governor from now until election time. I know my videos have been seen by their campaign. I know the Governor hears from us. They can't stop freedom.

    Voting means almost next to nothing to me especially compared to actually speaking out and fighting them. Doing videos, going to the places of power (campaign stops, state house, govt, hearings), organizing protests, recording medical users, organizing groups, that's what I focus on.

    And supporting candidates that support me. Like John Cunningham running in MA for US Congress. See my video on the event he is doing with me.

    If you only vote and think that will bring change, well it hasn't and won't work. It takes much more than that. Much more than I've done. But I'm trying. Voting for crap makes many think they have a say, not even close.
  10. to the op can you cite where mccain says he vows to lock up all smokers?
  11. Depends on what you mean by lock up but John McCain has repeatedly said he does not favor medical marijuana or marijuana decrim.

    Which means in many places, states, people will continue to be arrested for using it and he will do nothing to try to stop that.

    An arrest for even small amounts of cannabis usually entails a short time lock up in a holding cell for a few hours, and court, probation, fines, a criminal record, lawyers, drug testing, and possibly jail if you don't finish all that off.
  12. i guess im not surprised. what can you expect from someone who openly proud to be a reaganite. i know im shure as shit not voting for husaine obama and now im not so sure about mc cain either. i like most of what mc cain says but i just cant get on board with a guy who wants to put me in jail for pursuing my lifes passion.:(
  13. Yep, I'm voting for neither of them because they want to lock me up for cannabis, among many other reasons. It would be tough to vote for them for cannabis alone (if they were cool on it) but they've made it easy for me not to vote for them.

    So do I vote for "None of the Above", write in "Mickey Mouse" or perhaps for Nader or Barr?

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