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  1. hi i found a good grow spot and i am planing on grow about 10 to 20 plants and i have a few questions
    1. i am planing on buy some seed of attitude seedbank what are there gremtion rate?
    2.i live in australia and what are some safty tips

    and i found a helpful vid its called a grower's lot by kog
    i will be posting pics of my spot and if u have any tips plz comment
  2. hi it's me again this is my spot
    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Guerilla grow 2011‬‏[/ame]
    i am waiting for my seeds i am getting kc brains danky doodle form attitude
    feel free to ask about any thing
    i hope to get my seeds sone and show u guys my grow
  3. Hey mate are you concerned about the plod and there infared camera's, I know from experiance they use them alot, all I can say is keep it to one plant and are they indica or sativia. Indica don't really like our climate and pesky animals will smell them from miles away.

  4. were i am only animals and soil are to worry about maybe a flooding because the creek. cops don't watch the area but there is a area where they watch at the next town but it a common suidce spot that why they watch it :(
    my plan is use pots and put a fence around it to keep the animal out:D about it flooding i hope i have good luck:cool: the spot is very green because of about a month ago they opened the flood gates and put water into the creek but the thing what had the flood gates are eptmy so i don'nt need to worry about that again until next year :D i will post pics more pics or vids when i get my seeds
    indica do normoly grow good here (my freind told me) but i will keep that in mind thanks
  5. Quick question, how old are you OP?
  6. do u mean how old i am? if so i am 19, why?
  7. his age doesnt matter! Goodluck on ur grow and remember to feed with purified water ( no tap ) and LST/Top for maximum yield & get a 20x microscope so when ur contraplaiting on when to cut, You can just look at the trichomes and harvest when the trichomes are cloudy/amber. happy growing & be safe
  8. hello im new and this is my first post haha. I'm in australia to. witch part are you from? i'm in perth
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    i sound like a kid maybe that why he asked i just listen to my vid i do sound like a kid(i have speech problems if u ask why i sound like a kid) lol the water is rain water maybe abit dirty, i plan on topping the and i am going to do some clones male and female about 100 metres away for some seeds. it should be a good grow and thanks for your post

    i am out in victoria can't realy tell where. australia is realy good to grow in, and alsome your first post i am very happy lol.
    i hope u like my thread:D
    u should check out kog-a growers lot, on youtube he is a aussie grower and it's a highy recomed for beginners maybe even pros to check it out basic methods and some tips for not getting busted and more little stuff

    once i get my seeds or finsh diging up the lot(which ever comes first) i will post more vids
  10. hell yeah, i love updates
  11. sorry dudes(or chicks) i am going to have to look for a new spot because of the weather
    i have my seeds, one is cracked but the rest is fine
    i will do my grow sone as the wether gets better

    (tip if u are growing out some were put backpack out near your spot and leave it for two weeks to make sure no one goes there if your back pack is gone don't grow there)

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