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sleepless in maryland

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Ucp, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. I live in the dc metro area. I have the worst insomnia ever. In the last 72 hours i can honestly say ive only slept 4-6 hours. I just recently moves back to this area and havent been able to obtain any cannabis. When i am smoking i have no problems sleeping the night away. ive tried unisom, nyquil, advil pm, just about everu otc sleep aid available , even a few perception strength sleep aids as well.

    You could argue that i smoke weed to get high. the truth is i do! because i enjoy it. But the added benefits are hands down a win win. The laws in the state of maryland/district of columbia are awful.

    Since Maryland only provides an affirmative defense in court for medical marijuana patients, there is no real process for becoming a patient other than receiving a valid doctor's recommendation. Therefore, there is no identification card, or list of eligible medical conditions provided. Additionally, Maryland's medical marijuana law does not state what is considered to be valid written documentation to prove eligibility, or how to find a physician to recommend medical marijuana.
  2. i would talk to a lawyer first, but have u tried melatonin?

    if ur dry, why not raid the whitehouse, theres gotta be pot in there. i highly doubt they drug test the commander in chief :D
  3. No haven't tried that. I will look into it. I think I'll ask my doctor. I told my doctor the only thing the seem to have worked for me is cannabis. She refused to accept that. Needless to say I need to find a new DR. She looked at me like I slapped her or something actually kinda funny
  4. Prescription pain meds CAN make you gain weight. I do. But I find I'd rather be fat than awake all night. I stay up until the birdies sing, then I sleep all day and a half and wake up in the middle of the night then stay awake until the afternoon. I just goes round and round the clock. Not all people gain weight tho.
  5. Sleeping pills work for the first night and usually make me feel like shit the morning after. The second night is like I fall asleep and am up 2 hours later lol

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