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  1. I\'ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. I can fall asleep when I\'m tired but for some reason I\'m just not tired lately, I\'m actually really hyper. I\'ve been staying awake for 30-40 hour periods and I know this can\'t be good for me. It\'s not because I haven\'t been tiring myself out during the day and it\'s not weed related (I was smoking when this started and I stopped cause I thought that might be causing it). Anyone know what\'s wrong with me? I don\'t really want to take sleeping aids but I don\'t know if I have much choice.
  2. start excersizing before going to sleep
  3. Sleep doesn\'t come easily for me either. I\'ll get tired but my mind continues to churn and that keeps me awake. I can be in bed with no lights, no tv, and the fan running (I can\'t sleep without it) for hours before I finally drift off. It\'s really quite annoying and I\'ve had about enough of not sleeping as I should.:mad:

  4. Same here.

    I agree... Exercising 3-5 hours before bed would probably be great though.

    I\'ve had troubles sleep, like I couldn\'t shut my mind off, but smoking about 45 minutes to an hour before I go to sleep really helps. Especially if I lifted weights (or anything else physically demanding) during that day, that helps allot too..
    I even looked into meditation, and I\'ve learned and practice allot of the same techniques used for relaxing, while meditating. I suggest you look into it, I\'m glad I did.

    Oh yeah, make sure yer eating right too. That\'ll help.


  5. exercising before you go to bed will just wake you up even more. Try smoking some herb, always worked for me!
  6. Try Valerian or Kava Kava. You can pick them up at a vitamin store or a health food/natural food store.

    Edit: I hit 900 posts, woo. 100 away from the big milestone. :smoking:
  7. I do exercise daily have been doing so for quite some time. I tried meditation but I couldn\'t stick with it. I think I\'m going to use some valerian root tonight (had some around the house anyway). I don\'t doubt that taking it will help me sleep but I\'d much rather find the cause and fix that.

    Hopefully I\'ll get a decent sleep tonight, work has been a pain in the ass recently cause I fall asleep just before I\'m woken up by my alarm clock.
  8. i too am a non-sleeper, for all of the above reasons and more i\'m sure. who really knows why we\'re imsomniacs? anyway, a trick for me is to imagine being somewhere you really want to be - like the beach. it\'s a distraction from all the noise in your head
  9. Well valerian root did the job, I got a good 6 hours of sleep last night. Strange though, most sleep I\'ve gotten in ages and I\'m so tired.
  10. Yeah. I do the same things; just try to imagine something, or somewhere more peaceful and calm like and island oasis somewhere off the coast of E@$T /-\\$$.
    Or if it\'s really pissing you off, take some meds for it.
    Right on. Peace.

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