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sleeping problems

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by THCemployEE, May 25, 2010.

  1. Hey blades so for a little while now i noticed i have trouble getting to sleep whenever im not high. I usually have bud everyday but on the days when im dry and go to bed ill lay in bed for like 2 hours before falling asleep and it takes like half a bottle of nyquill to put me to sleep. And pills that are supposed to make you drowsy like benadryl and shit even the sleeping pills like lunesta and shit dont make me any more tired than i was before i took them. I dunno why but weed is the only thing that makes me actually fall asleep when i want to...anyone know whats up with this? :smoke:
  2. When you use weed to help you sleep you get dependent on it. Going to sleep high or burnt is only really good if you couldn't get to sleep to begin with. Try going without weed for a week and see if you can get to sleep without weed, then try just getting high in the days to see how that goes. Then decide whether you want to want to continue getting high in the nights, now that you can make an informed decision. Just one thing to try IMO.

  3. Buy melatonin. Its a natural vitamin that helps people get to sleep who have a fucked up body clock [jet lag], are restless, or just cant sleep. It helps me get to sleep on nights with no bud.

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