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sleeping problem

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by UnfriendlyToast, May 4, 2011.

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    Ever since I can remember i have always had problems getting to sleep. I have had awful insomnia as well as restless leg syndrome. I would pace around my room, have regular panic attacks and in general suffer boredom and usually end up crying for long periods of time. I honestly never really enjoyed a real full night of sleep till the first day i toked up. I was like "this is what sleep feels like?!?!! I could get into this!!!!" So that is what started it all, ever since Ive been a happy stoner. Now im back in the same boat, i have no job or cash so now every night is practically hell again. I have tried melatonin it has no effect on me what so ever. And i don't want to start taking sleeping pills because i will develop a dependency or an addiction.
    I also suffer from sever clinical depression

    Would this ever get me a Green card? I believe I suffer from conditions that merit medicinal Marijuana but doctors may feel differently.
    also what states or more strict about handing them out. cause i know some will only for cancer patients.
  2. Yeah I believe it can...However, its good to actually show up with actual medical records...but then again theres doctors out there who hand out mmj cards like candy.

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