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    So I've started trying to develop a healthier way of living, and i decided I wanted to learn to sleep on my back. I'm still debating whether or not to sleep without a pillow, cuz I get a pain in the back of my head. So yesterday I slept on my back without a pillow on my head and instead put my pillow under my knees. Will the pain in the back of my head and the sore neck go away after awhile of sleeping in this position?Is it normal for this to occur in the beginning.

    Thanks in Advance. Any opinions are welcome.

    Edit: I think I'm being misunderstood, Im trying to sleep without a pillow because I've read that it helps improve posture.
  2. Just smoke some kush and do you foe
  3. I'll be waiting for an answer also, I've always slept on my back, but no matter where I put my pillow or which way I sleep, I always wake up with a sore neck, and If I budge my neck real quick when I wake up I pull a muscle and it swells up I don't understand.
  4. Try out a memory foam pillow, mine makes my neck feel good. I prefer to sleep on normal pillows tho

  5. Always have son, doesn't mean i cant ask for some advice.
  6. You might get pain in your neck because you're falling asleep with tense muscles in the first place from the new sleeping position. Before you fall asleep, try consciously tensing all of your muscles and then relax them completely from head to toe. So tense your face muscles and relax them, then your shoulders, arms, etc.
  7. Contrary to most medical advice, sleeping on your back is the worst. The best position is on your stomach, then on your left side, then right.

  8. Dude that doesn't even sound right, where's the evidence? Links?

  9. Lol he was joking man. Back is best

  10. Oh alright for sure, It's just sarcasm really isn't something I can easily pick up through messaging. Plus there really are so misinformed people on the Internet that would think this to be true, ignorance is big thing in the world.
  11. How much do you roll and move in your sleep. Doesnt do much to have perfect posture if you then roll over as soon as you are asleep
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    ive slept on my back with no pillow before and it got my neck all stiff. It wasnt good.

  13. I don't roll around to much, I either sleep on my left or right side, depending on how I'm feeling. But I want to start sleeping on my back, for obvious reasons.

    I want to start sleeping on my back to better my posture, and I heard sleeping without a pillow is even more beneficial. But when I've been sleeping on my back I've gotten some aches in my back. My question is is this just caused because I'm not use to sleeping on my back, and it will get better as time goes by?
  14. sleep on your ass
  15. Sleep like the coneheads!
  16. [quote name='"srsbsnss"']Contrary to most medical advice, sleeping on your back is the worst. The best position is on your stomach, then on your left side, then right.[/quote]

    No man sleeping on your stomach is the worst. Imagine standing with your head to the side all day, that's similar to that sleeping position.
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    Yeah this,No matter what position I fall asleep in I always wake-up on my left

    Unless your bed is a massage table...

    Which in that case,I envy you
  18. What I do is feel my body/nerves and decide what the best positions are.

    "Sleep scientists" say sleeping on your sides are the best positions, but I don't believe it. I feel way better when I sleep on my back.
  19. lol'd

    it's damn near impossible for me to fall asleep on my back.

    I usually tuck my arm under pillow put head down on pillow. and pass out.
    Always my right side. I need to video tape myself sleeping to see how I sleep and what I do. Sounds interesting.

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