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Sleeping meds vs cannabis

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by greenesteven18, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I've been on 3 different types of sleeping pills for almost 4 years now (Built tolerance to them very fast so I had to change a couple of times). I've had sleeping issues since like 14/15. And the thing is i wake up and i feel like ASS. Since its not a natural sleep, its an induced one. But with Cannabis, i smoke maybe a half a bowl before bed, and i wake up and feel great. Its not even that hard to get up either. Thoughts?
    Also, pharmaceuticals can ruin your liver. My grandma has Cirrhosis. She's never drank a drop in her life.
  2. A bowl before bed is the best for sleeping. If I'm tired and I smoke, I'm out within 20 minutes.
  3. I'm also noticed that if I go to sleep stoned it's easy to get up. I normally have a bedtime hit if I have to start work early the next day, and I spring out of bed ready to start the day with no trouble at all, as opposed to it being a painful drawn out ordeal like it is if I go to bed without, it's remarkable.
  4. Man, I can't get up very well at all if I go to bed super stoned. I end up sleeping too hard and waking up all groggy and shit. :p

    When I'm having issues, I just use melatonin and try to keep my sleep schedule all regular.

    But hell, if cannabis works for you, then fuck yeah. :D
  5. Weed makes you relaxed n drift away... Prescriptions put you down lol.. Smoking won't be an answer if prescriptions aren't..
  6. I dont know man. Sure sleeping meds are probably quicker and much more effective but weed is much better for you and feels mich better.
  7. if youre white, i recommend weed. it makes white people sleepy
    however, it makes me more active and i want to do shit after smoking
    i dont get drowsy after weed unless its white widow in large amounts
  8. Why the "if yur white"?

    Race has nothing to do with anything

  9. I agree with you. MJ can be a great sleep aid, especially Indicas.

    I wish you well.
  10. I agree with you that you're relaxed when you smoke and become tired/sleepy, especially off a nice indica! With prescriptions I do feel like they "put you down".

    If prescriptions don't work, who's to say that cannabis won't? It is quite possible it can? I find my med's don't work well enough (sometimes not at all, sometimes I'm waking up a few times through my sleep) but after 2-3 tokes from a nice jay or a small bowl, I can't drift off into a nice sleep! :smoking:
  11. I'm confused on this topic, you obviously pointed out the bad things about pharmaceuticals and the great things about weed. And that weed helps you sleep better. There is no versus, only, Weed >>>>>
  12. Find yourself a good indica and toss the sleeping meds dude.
  13. Definitely just grab a good indica bro
  14. smoke a nice blunt a have some warm milk
  15. [quote name='"Chris617"']Definitely just grab a good indica bro[/quote]

    2nd this.
  16. Ditch pharmaceuticals man. I smoke before bed every night, it really helps me go to sleep. It is one of the main reasons I smoke.
  17. Weed is the only thing that ever let me get a regular sleep schedule (although when I stopped smoking daily after about 3 days not being able to sleep I was able to maintain the same sleep schedule with no further difficulties like I used to have).

    However, it also makes it impossible for me to will myself out of bed in the morning and unless I just take 1 or 2 rips (which won't always be enough to help me sleep), I'm in a haze til noon.

    I don't advocate it just because I find that smoking every day, even if just once a day for sleep, leaves my mind very noticeably slower and more cloudy than when I'm sober. TBH anyone who denies that smoking every day slows down your mind (NOT PERMANENTLY) is either ignorant or not intelligent enough to notice the effect...
  18. Same with me.....but if you take some rips in the morning it helps tremendously
  19. Lol why not both? Add some hard liquor in there too
  20. Done that before. Not recommended. blacked out for three days.

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