Sleeping in the same room with flowering plants - is it a a bad idea ?

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    Hi guise,

    I am having this question - is it alright to sleep in the same room with marijuana plants during flowering? I have 7 plants.

    Is it possible that I might have some sort of health reaction to the obtrusive smell?
    An allergy to weed :eek: or something? I cant find nothing on the subject.

    Plans went awfully wrong and I had only two options - either to destroy my FIRST crop, which has one month left till harvest.. (UNACCEPTABLE) or move it in my room where I sleep (around 25m2).

    Problem is there is not enough space for a box so I've put the plants in a an empty wardrobe. Since I am using 400W HPS bulb, the wardrobe is always open and I have a window that is constantly open as well.

    Now the real problem comes with cold weather, as temperatures are dropping and I cannot sleep on an open window. I noticed that the plants smell less during the night, but I guess it the smell will be unbearable around harvesting time..

    I also do not live alone here and I lock up the room every time I go out.. So smell is becoming a HUGE problem at this point - I cannot leave the window open 24/7 in October..

    I am planning to buy one of these babies:

    It has a carbon filter, ionizer and it says it is suitable for 40m2 room and can move up to 210m3/h. Does anyone has an experience with something like this - do you think will it do the job in keeping air fresh in a small room with closed window?

    Jonio Design Mobile Air purifier
    Functions: Air ionizing , Purification
    Filter type: Carbon filter , HEPA filter
    Timer settings features: Timer
  2. i personally have had great odor control using carbon, however this has been on ducts and not a filter pulling a whole room. It will help especially if you can just put it right next to the grow area, but you still might want to look at making your door a little more sealed if you are having trouble with housemates. little weather stripping won't hurt ;)
  3. sleeping in the same room with the flowering plants seems like its ok to me. the girls will benefit from the extra c02 production too!:D
  4. make sure you dont fuck up the light....
    And turn your plants Hermie
  5. whats wrong with you? lol if you smoke it i dont see why youd be sketch about sleeping with it
  6. Thanks dudes. The plants use oxygen at night as far as I know, so I doubt it they benefit from my CO2. Problem is that I am suffering because of the really obtrusive smell - it's not like smoking it :p

    All my plants are female and already formed nice buds - im not sure if they can possibly turn hermies at this point.

    Right now I am living with my gf because I cant be staying any longer in that room.. blah

    Yesterday I bought the Junio Design device - the one with couple of filters combined together along with carbon filter. I made some stakes and used it in the kitchen to test how it performs and it does a pretty good job.

    Problem seems to be solved.


    Now I'm having problems with spidermites - I tried spraying them with 50/50 alcohol/water solution and then spraying the plants regularly with watter every hour or so for a few days. Seems it slowed them down and stopped the spreading but still when I got there yesterday I saw one of my babies being almost destroyed - only couple of the top leaves are still fresh :( So I bought an insecticide - it says that it is suitable even for spraying right on animals, so I guess it is not that poisonous. I was forced to spray around with it - I hope my buds will still be good enough 4 weeks later.
  7. a rasta once told me.. if you bring a lady friend thats close to her period around your "girls" .. more than once, you'll upset your plants..

    but ive slept with flowering plants.. nothing but pleasant dreams on the horizon.
  8. yea you should be cool as long as you don't have night tremors that make you inadvertantly flip the lights on. and plants use oxygen at night? i'm def gonna look that up but as far as i know they only expell o2. shouldnt matter if its night or day. i'd imagine alot of serious growers havin co2 tanks for day and oxygen tanks for night. i'm a newbie to growing but i vaguely remember 4th grade science. for the record i'm not talkin smack. but only because i dont know for fact. but still im pretty confident......
  9. If you don't remember everything from fourth grade, you can just google it - plants produce oxygen during the process called photosynthesis - and this only happens when there is light.
    During the night they use O2 and produce CO2 - yeah, that is the opposite.

  10. First off..that makes no sense LOL :D

    but i agree i am in my room with my plants alot..and nothing adverse occurred.....if anything does happen it will be you tuning out the smell....happend to me...also cant hear the fans after a while of being in there LOL....
  11. Now I'm having problems with spidermites - 4 weeks later.[/QUOTE]

    its not to late to use "Doctor Doom"-its made from a flower they hate,

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