Sleeping dogs!!!!

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  1. Just pre orderd it can't wait for tuesday:smoke::smoke:

  2. Its a GTA-style urban open world game coming this tuesday about Hong Kong Triad gangsters and undercover cops. Its like a mix of GTA's authenticity with saints rows crazy shit plus arkham citys chain counter combat system. It looks really good and I can't wait to play it either!
  3. Let me know how it is.. I think thats tbe game thats like a remake of real streets honk kong
  4. Wasn't this the game they showed at E3 and built a bunch of hype? Is that hype dead already? I haven't heard much talk or anticipation for this since E3

  5. I think your thinking about Watch Dogs, this is Sleeping Dogs.
  6. I've watched a few gameplay demos and it looks pretty sick. I'll for sure be giving it a try
  7. I'll pre-order it. But if the reviews say it sucks I'll return my preorder. Kind of like I did for Game of Thrones.
  8. I tend to get put off buying games, that already have tons of DLC planned and the game isn't even out yet.
  9. shit is all over steams homepage

    is it any good?
  10. Its a good game.. Just doing combos in combat is anooying
  11. Doesn't look open world at all.... and looks incredibly scripted (not saying thats a bad thing)

    I watched a video and the character ran in a straight line for like... 5 minutes chasing someone? It looks like GTA, but I have a feeling its gonna play like fable.
  12. Its definitely open world, but I do sometimes feel like its straightforward sometimes, I'm about 1/3 in to it and its great so far, combat feels sluggish at times tho.
  13. game is fun as hell

    its like batman mixed with gta, lol
  14. This game is crazy fucking fun !!! :O I got so addicted yesterday and as soon as I will be back from school today I cant wait to play again. The missions are really exciting, I wouldnt have thought that it would get so interesting. I also met Amanda. Unfortunately I lost her number after 2 missions with her, I think the game only has 2 missions with her, thats why, although I really got into her, which is weird I know since its fucking videogame, but this is just the way 2012 games are I guess.

  15. i dont know why people think like this. there are 2 reasons for this. A. they wanted this stuff in the game but didnt have time to put it on the disk (disk space could also be an issue DVD's only hold so much), and B. they want to keep adding to the game so the gamer has more content to enjoy after they beat it.

    anyway the game was sick, i personally really like it, i do wish the story was longer though because i had a lot of fun with it, one complaint though is they didnt really do a good job of conveying your growth within the gang. also i thought the dating system was going to be more like GTA where you went on multiple dates but instead it was only one per girl. now i only care about this because more content is more content, and they talked about it when hyping the game up so it felt lacking compared to what was promised.

    it was a good game but i dont think its worth $60 since there is no multiplayer. $40 would've been a good price point. if you havent played it yet id suggest waiting for a price drop.

    also i played it on PC where it looked amazing compared to the console version that looked really bad. the new consoles need to come out already. gamers are being punished at this point and games in general are being held back due to the console hardware restraints. this isnt a stab at console gaming, its just the truth. the 360 came out 7 years ago... before this generation the console cycle was 5 years. to give you an idea how outdated the consoles are my graphics card alone has more ram than the xbox and ps3 combined and my graphics card is only decent.

  16. Lemme fix ya here, A. they want more money.
    No B's

    I mean I would understand if DLC's were free, but that's just bullshit releasing a game and before it's even out yet planning DLC's? it just screams "WE WANT TO SUCK UR WALLET!"

    sad what gaming has become :(
  17. ok keep thinking that way. but publishers tell them "make this game by this date." and they dont have time to add everything they want. and it still is content post release, i agree its over priced, games in general are over priced. but its not purely because they're greedy as you seem to think.

  18. You know, you don't have to buy the DLC. I'd say that the game is actually more fun if you don't.


    [ame=]Don't talk about Fight Aberdeen - YouTube[/ame]
  19. DLC is supposed to be bonus content.. If it was in development at the same time as the normal game then I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be included in the normal price.

    But what DLC does sleeping dogs have? Just a bunch of stupid outfits and in-game money from what I've seen. Let the kids have that for all I care, lol.

    Sleeping dogs is a really great game. Even if it did have day 1 dlc, you wouldn't know it by playing through the game. There's no loose ends or anything like SR3 had.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the game is only $50 while a lot of other companies are trying to push a $60 price tag.

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