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Sleeping Confusals

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tpelling, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Hey ho,
    So I started vaping daily around beginning of April and decided to take a T-break for 6 days for when my new Arizer comes. I've been using the MFLB as my daily tool. Normally 2-3 trenches a night since April. 
    Whenever I've stopped for a day or two I've always had big insomnia, because let's face it, sleeping high is so relaxing! Anyway, I always have had insomnia and it's always been a problem till the daily vaping came about and my university grades increased by 15% (better sleep me thinks). 
    However on my current T-break I noticed how I generally just feel tired in the evenings. I'm lazy so I wake up at around mid-day and chill out, then around 12pm get stoned and nod off. I do work at an expensive restaurant as a waiter so I'm always training my memory :p
    So day 1 of my current t break started monday and I was lying in bed tossing and turning I could NOT get to sleep, by 5 am I vaped a trench and drifted off. I felt bad the next morning for violating my t-break.
    However, now all of a sudden the next night I feel tired around 11 and manage to fall straight to sleep. Normally I need to be up for at LEAST 14 hours before I can sleep, however I am now finding that I just start to feel tired around the time I normally vape.
    Is this something to do with the 'erb or am I just mentally messed up lol!
    Love MJ,
    Love Life!

  2. I always have insomnia if I don't smoke weed. Some nights I can get some good sleep, but most I just toss and turn until the wee hours of the morning, sometimes waking refreshed and other times complete exhausted. I'm actually beginning to think I'm bipolar :confused_2: because some days I have a lot of energy, and other times I can be very low on energy.

    It takes a few days for things to balance out again.
  3. Let me preface this by saying that I'm the queen of insomnia and I hardly sleep to begin with. When I'm off weed, I truly cannot sleep at night. This is actually why I started using in the first place; it's way less harmful than ambien, after all. However, I often find that life without cannabis can get so monotonous that it becomes very easy for me to nod off in the day time. My theory is that sleep is the next best thing to drugs as far as changes in consciousness go.
    If you're looking to regulate your sleep without using drugs, I find that the best thing is to employ a regular and vigorous exercise regime. For example, when I go away on a hiking or snowboarding trip and don't have any bud, it's easier to sleep normally than when I just take a t break at home and maintain my usual lifestyle because my body is so tired.

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