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  1. I keep reading that :smoking: there is no good way too add co2 unless you are going to go all out (i.e co2 tank/generator). :smoking: But what if you spend significant amounts of time in a room with two plants? Does a human inject enough co2 into the immediate atmosphere :smoking: to make a difference? thanks gc :smoking::smoking:
  2. not really. the room would have to be airtight and you'd have to be in there for like 19 hours to fill the whole room.
  3. I disagree -- we output a pretty decent amount of CO2. You don't need to fill the whole room with CO2 (if you did you'd be dead).

    I do agree that it depends on the size of the room and ventilation, so my answer to the OP's question is: it depends. Just remember that the more you make it better for the plants by having CO2 in the atmosphere the less you make it good for yourself to be in there for extended periods.
  4. bump? any other ideas? would sleeping in the grow area if possible be good idea?
  5. The CO2 level in the average occupied room reaches about 2000ppm at the floor and about 1100ppm at waist height. It'd be just about perfect if you slept in a small grow room.

    It would be terrible for your health though. Light 24 hours a day and cramped quarters would probably make me try to eat the plants.

    By the way, when I said you could just sleep in your grow, I wasn't being entirely serious.
  6. You'd be effecting the C02 levels more than if you weren't in there, so it cant be a bad thing.

    Wouldnt all the pump nioses, fans, and light annoy the crap out of you tho?
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    average ppm in the air is 300-400ppm

    I was in my room (8x8x8) for only 1hr(killing ladies) and had my ppm to 2054ppm. and my sentinel display is prolly pretty accurate... your room doesn't hafta be completely sealed but less leaks the better.

    i have never really run co2 YET...but i plan to for my next go.

    sleeping would obviously be beneficial to the plants but not nessecarily ideal for you...i commend you if you do........
    now remember co2 is supposed to be on when the lights are on...not in the dark...
    i'd put a small fan on the floor blowing sraight up to blow the falling co2 back up and on to your plants.....

    good luck.
  8. if you have a small grow room there is a cheap way to produce co2. you need a 2 liter soda bottle, yeast, and sugar + if your gonna go balls to the wall (lol not really this takes no effort) you can get yourself some tubing and a water bottle. Fill 2 liter with 6 cups of water, add at least 5 tbsp sugar and a packet of yeast. Shake vigorously for a minute and place in grow room and forget. Thats it. The balls-to-the-wall method involves connecting the tubing to the top of the 2 liter and being submerged (on the other end) in the bottle of water. This way you can see the co2 bubbling so you know the yeast is still allive. It takes anywhere between an hour and a day for the co2 to start so be patient. Lastly the yeast also produce alcohol (dont drink it its probly methyl alcohol meaning you wont get drunk youll just go blind) so you must drain and refill with water every once in a while otherwise alcohol will reach toxic levels for the yeast.
    Good luck man hope this helped.
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    Well my grow is in a 4X4 lightproof tent inside this room, the schedule is such that I could sleep (in a bed in the room) while the lights are on. Just want to hear some thoughts. One person could slowly emit over half a pound of CO2 into the room with the tent in it over a period of about 6 -8 hrs.


    Frequent Questions - Emissions | Climate Change | U.S. EPA

    The average person, through the natural process of breathing, produces approximately 2.3 pounds (1 kg) of carbon dioxide per day. The actual amount depends strongly on the person’s activity level. However, this carbon dioxide is part of a natural closed-loop cycle and does not contribute to the greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. Natural processes of photosynthesis (in plants) and respiration (in plants and animals) maintain a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Thus, the carbon dioxide from natural process is not included in greenhouse gas inventories.

    Can we assume their 2.3lbs figure is correct? Well for one they are not saying this plays a part in "global warming" and so they really have no reason to fudge this data. Who knows, I am gonna use 2.3lbs (1kg) for the example anyway.

    So 24 hrs ≈ 2.3 lbs of CO2

    Then, 6-8 hrs sleep ≈ .58 - .77 lbs of CO2

    Is roughly over a half a pound of CO2 a lot?
    Could the plants utilize that from inside the tent?
    Would the whole room have to be sealed to be effective? As in, the ac vent and the door?

    What do u think people?

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