Sleeping around: why are men considered studs but women considered sluts?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Messiah Decoy, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Is there a valid reason for this double standard?

  2. People are always jealous when they aren't getting any? :confused_2: 
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    I think women are more judgmental and gossipy. We call each other sluts, why shouldn't men call us sluts.
    Dudes are more like 'high five bro' 
  4. because women have easier access to sex than men do. so when a guy has managed to sleep with like 100 women, you're like "wow, that must've been a lot of work"...all the convincing and wooing and whatever. but when a woman has slept with 100 men, you're like "wow, you're easy to convince..."
  5. A guy who sleeps around a lot is not considered a stud, he's a slut an just nasty

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  6. For a man, it is considered a hunt, you have yo work for it.
    For a woman, it's the opposite, she has to make effort not to spread her legs for too many men.

    I call my buddies who bed a lot of woman 'sluts' too, but I'm weird.
    You have a point.
  8. Politics between men and women are drastically different, partly due to the gender roles, perceptions, and historical background of each, and partly due to how each thinks as an implication of the aforementioned. Women are much more hostile and pretentious in the perception of their peers. Men don't really give a fuck what other men do unless they're in their way. You got laid? "Good shit bro." She wasn't hot? "Who gives a shit, you still got laid and you're not springing for marriage in your early 20's anyway." It's very simple, primal, and in a lot of ways respectful. Women pretend that they have a code, but guys really are the ones with the unwritten, unspoken, intangible bro code embedded in them. It's like being born into a utopian race where the most judged you'll ever be, is actually on your character or the shit you do. None of the catty petty shit.
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    I don't agree fully on this. I do not have to hold my legs together when I am out to keep men from entering. They keep themselves from entering all on their own. If I want someone to talk to me I a) Need to make some sort of effort or b ) go up and talk. Usually b is where it's at.
  10. I've screwed a lot of guys in my life but I didn't have to be convinced. I wanted to screw them mainly because I'm a human being and that's what happens when you're a human being. You want to fuck other human beings.

    Some people have really archaic ideas about sexuality and they think that women are supposed to either not be as sexual as men or they're supposed to somehow hold out and be some holy horny angel until the perfect guy comes along who is worthy of her magical, untouched vagina.
  11. Virginity was a commodity to be bought and sold.  They used to check the bed sheets after the wedding night to make sure the woman was "untouched".  Women were property.  That vestigial custom still has it's tendrils in western society.  The belief that women are somehow spoiled if they have too much sex stems from that custom.  
  12. men do the fucking women get fucked why is this so hard to understand? we're suposed to stick our dick in everything your suposed to keep your pussy from gettin blown out before you meet your husband lol might not be fair but thats how it is
    i really dont have a problem with a girl having parters tho as long as she dont lie about the herp or some shit
  13. Sex is awesome, have fun while you can..regardless of gender.
    My issue stems from all the unfaithful people out there, some serious backstabbing whore type shit going on all over the place.  Trust?  Wtf is that?
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    Lets be honest, if the average-looking man wants 20 sex partners he better be able to spit game, dress nice, have a nice house or car.

    If the average-looking woman wants sex with 20 guys all she needs is low cut dress and the guys will be lining up around the block.

    Average looking men definitely have to work for it. Average looking women just need suggestive clothing.
  15.  If there ever was it doesn't seem to apply anymore. The only thing I can think of goes back to a time before birth control. A man can breed as often as they are able to perform so there's less of an investment for a less than ideal choice, women on the other hand are tied down for 9 months plus recovery time so had to be much more choosy in who they decided to be with. If it ever had anything close to a 'valid' reason that's the best that I can think of. Certainly doesn't seem to apply these days though.
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    It's all in girls heads.  If they stopped caring about that one word "slut" and acted as if it meant nothing, it would mean nothing.  Instead, accept that sleeping around is becoming much more justifiable. This is the 21st century after all. There's much crazier shit happening than having sex.  
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    yes and could we stop pretending that this isn't the case please? i mean, it's frustrating enough without being told that it isn't true.
    personally i do care about my wife's sexual past. i'm old fashioned. i value chastity. i value prudence. i can't imagine myself with a promiscuous girl. i don't do seconds, yo...let alone like 15ths. ideally, i'll marry a virgin. i don't understand how guys are ok marrying non virgins...but that's just me. many guys don't care...and i guess that's good because most women aren't virgins and they need men too. just not me. at the very least she needs to have been prudent, if not straight chaste. 
    just my preference though, everyone is different. 
  18. A virgin?

    You'd have better luck finding a unicorn these days.
  19. So when you settle down with a woman and you're both 50 and you've fucked each other hundreds of times, is her vagina gonna be blown out?
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    in college i was "quasi dating" a virgin girl. but we had a falling out because i was technically in a relationship with another girl. although to me it wasn't cheating since i wasn't having sex with her. but then the first woman didn't allow me to come back to her after i left because she thought it was cheating. women make no sense to me.
    and i knew another one...both were hot too. she got a boyfriend recently though, but her father is a pastor, so i don't know if she's a virgin still. 
    and i met a third at a party.
    and another, actually. i actually made out with that girl..
    so they're around.  

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