sleepin in class was weird today..

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  1. So today i had my head down on my arms and was lookin at floor and decided to close them and sleep w.. well i immedatly pass out in 30 seconds because im really tired past few days .. and in my dream i was sittin on my deask same popsition dif clothes and shti lookin down and someone kept talkin to me and i tried to lift my head up and id start feeling EXTREEEEEMLY fucked up epuuric feeling then like the ground started to dim and my face started tingling then id start seein a small hole in the ground open up in this darkness and fuckin woke up ..

    was like uh WTF was that.. weird dream and it all took place in like seven mins of me sleeping.. so odd..

    fell back asleep and i started over again same thing but it didnt ever get dark this time got lighter and i woke up as soon as it started gettin bright in the room and again felt FUCKED up in the dream woke u pwas like WTF?
  2. Yay, if I'm relating to what your describing to then it could be an out of body experience. Did you realize you were dreaming when this was happening? If so then you might get to experience one of the freakin trippiest things ever. If it happens again and your concious of it try to relax if you want to really trip.

    I'm not sure if it is an out of body experience or your just havin a trippy dream, but hey, worth a shot if it happens again.
  3. yeah i knew i was dreaming and i was like wow whats goin on lookin at the fucked upo shit goin on and the ultra high feeling was like none other .. 100x harder than ne mushie buz i have gotten of an eigth .. so warm .. so bright .. i just couldnt move in it no matter what i tried it was just like un able to be done .. very creepy to wake up from heh
  4. Yeah definately sounds like an out of body experience. That musta been terrifying in class, it's scary enough for me in bed.

    Have you had surgery or taken antibiotics lately? I noticed that it started happening to me after some heavy surgery, so I'm wondering if a medication is to blame.

    For me it happens 2 nights in a row every (approx.) two weeks, and I have to be sober or it won't happen (with one exception). Yeah it's pretty much the most intense trip I've had as well, if not then it's tied as the most intense. It's awsome if your not afraid of it, and if your a stoner I'd assume you'll enjoy it and if not you'll probably learn to.

    Or it just won't happen again, who knows.
  5. weird i did jsut have my wizdom teeth removed and been takin penicilin.. some other shit for swelling and stuff .. and vics .. and percs latley unperscriebed but still .. weird
  6. i used to have similar experiences when i had slept in class. I think its because there are so many other people around, you may fall unconscious but your brain is much more aware of the surroundings and you incorporate what you hear into your dream much like how a blind person can "see" what they hear.
  7. man when id fall asleep in snores would wake me up....kinda really embarassing
  8. haha try having an OOB in the backseat of a car going 80 mph on a dark road. intense.
  9. i think the second reason i woke uop because someone was like jim.. jim .. jim.. and heard them but coudlnt do nthing till someone punched my arm then i was like uh .. wtf i heard u callin me it just didnt click
  10. Haha, this kid in my class today fell asleep, these fine ass broads put tons of cut of paper on his hed haha, he was COVERED haha...then they had to stay and clean up haha..

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