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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mark871, Mar 15, 2023.


what is the best strain of flower for sleeping?

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  1. Can someone please direct me to the absolute best strain of flower for sleeping. Would much appreciate any help w this. Thank you.
  2. Kind of a waste of good weed to smoke & then go right to sleep without enjoying it. I might suggest an indica tincture "micro dose" just enough to relax the body without engaging the mind too much. As to an individual strain, that's a personal thing. I use Granddaddy purple but do not claim that is the best, I like the high, the taste, smell, & it doesn't give the wife or I the munchies as bad a other strains. IN my limited exp.
  3. i think zkittlez is probably the best strain if you want to sleep
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  4. Or stuff with zkittles crossed in it I found, but yes

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