Sleep walking while drunk?

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  1. I came back home to visit my mom today and my stepdad had been at the bar. He gotta pretty lit, and my mother and I were talking about sleep walking. Do you think there's a higher tendency sleep walking while drunk/high opposed to being sober? Any stories of you or friends sleep walking? My stepdad pissed on my uncles clothes in his laundry binWe were also at hunting camp a few years back and he was sleeping in the cabin. One of his buddies woke up to a surprise the next morning. My stepdad in his underwear sleeping in bed with his camper. My stepdad had walked out of the cabin and into his buddies camper and decided to sleep with him haha.We were in vacation to the beach last year and he walked into my grandmoms room and started taking his pants off she asked what he was doing he said oh I'm just going to work, pulled up his pants and walked out of her room.He's done it on multiple occasions I just find these the funny ones. Oddly enough? Most of them were when he was intoxicated or high. Anybody else sleep walk or have any stories? Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  2. I know I have one time while drunk and one time while sober that I know of.
    When I was like 13 and sober, I fell asleep on the couch in the living room and woke up in my bed the next morning nude.
    Then a year or two ago I got really drunk one night and apparently forgot to go to the bathroom before bed.So I went to sleep in my bed and woke up in my bed, which is downstairs. However the next morning my parents said I was in their bathroom in the middle and they asked why I was going to the bathroom upstairs and said I was talking gibberish back to them and my eyes were closed. So they chalked it up to sleepwalking.
    They also said that there have been several times that they heard someone walking around upstairs in the middle of the night, so I have probably done it more times than I know.
    I believe it is a thing, being drunk and being more prone to sleep walking. I have looked it up before. It has to do with the fact that when you get drunk, you don't go into a deep sleep.
  3. I sleepwalk every now and then... mostly when I'm stressed before bed.

    But I have noticed a higher tendency when I am drunk. :)
  4. Wierd stuff happens to me when I'm on a t break with my sleep, I was on holiday with mates in turkey last year and I got up at about 4am turned my mates bag upside down woke him up and asked him for help folding his towel, I was sleep walking tho, I used to get up and ask my mum to cook me a meal or brush my hair in the early hours of the morning when I was a kid, just goes to prove we know little about the sleep state.

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