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Sleep Problems

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StickyFingered, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I've been smoking daily all summer, mostly twice a day, and always smoke before going to sleep. I've been dry the past two days and have had much difficulty being able to sleep. I read that in a few more days or so of not smoking my sleep schedule should return to normal, once this happens I plan on not relying on weed for sleep and smoking earlier on in the day. Do you think that this will work, or should I cut back on my smoking and not make it an every day thing? Thanks for any input.
  2. If you smoke in the morning you should be fine, even one hit before bed will get you nice. I would either:
    a. stop smoking after like 1pm
    b. reduce my nightly bowls to make sleep less dependent

    Also don't think you need to smoke to sleep, that's why it was hard.
  3. Exercise during the day.
  4. it's just your sleep pattern. (weed is helping you go to sleep) if you dont want to rely on weed to make you sleep, try going to bed a little later and you will be more sleepy.
    in a few days your be going to sleep normal :)
  5. See I never have this problem I still sleep fine even on a night without toking.
  6. I am not sure what would help but all i can tell you is it sucks when your dry and try to sleep and your eyes just open right back up.
  7. ^^^^^^. Going to sleep when you body is actually sleepy will help tremendously.
  8. I use marijuana for insomnia...

    i fucking loled so hard at your name op:cool:
  9. try sleeping early for the first few dry days. Like if you usually stay up past midnight doing absolutely nothing(like, try sleeping around 10pm or earlier.
  10. [quote name='"LSDForPeace"']Exercise during the day.[/quote]

    Thanks for all the input guys ill take it all into consideration. I'm definitely gonna go for a nice run and try to tire myself out and go to bed earlier.
  11. Yeah that's all you have to do is find other ways to make you tired, physically or mentally. Try reading a book before bed or working out hardcore during the day.
  12. The same thing happened to me. I simply could not sleep without smoking before bed. Smoking a bit earlier helped for me. Also just smoking less often.
  13. Same thing for me, I literally cannot sleep unless I smoke, but have only been smoking nightly for the summer. Once school starts I'll probably be exhausted and fall asleep at 9 without smoking
    After a few days of not smoking at light you'll be fine, it's partially the habit, your body uses smoking as a signal it's time to sleep soon, without the signal your body doesnt know it should sleep
    Try to smoke earlier in the day
  14. Ive been dry for the past month and trying to go to sleep fucking sucks...always have some weird ass dream too now every night ever since i ran out, i hate it...:(
  15. If you are tired enough to the point where it feels like you have a body high, you will just trick yourself into thinking your high and youll fall asleep.

  16. Lol i know what you mean, its like a real shitty high thou
  17. Ya just cherish the little body high, and be like, fuck this feels good. Youll pass out lol.

  18. A bag of bud would be better my friend.... a bag of bud would be better:smoke:
  19. Well ya but I rarely sleep without toking, but I've never had to stay up all night or anything, maybe an extra hour.
  20. Well, do you think you will go dry again? If you have an endless supply, then I don't see harm in relying on marijuana to help you sleep.

    But if you think you will go dry again, I would try not to smoke before bed if it causes that much of a problem when you have no bud.

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