Sleep paralysis

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  1. So last night I woke up to being grabbed violently all over my upper body. but I couldn't see anything grabbing me. It felt like a bunch of cold hands. So I got up as soon as body would let me, yelled and ran out my room haha. I then spent the rest of the night trying to stay awake because I was scared out of my mind. Every time I started to fall alseep I felt the hands grabbing me again. So I started reading up about and it turns out I was probably experiencing Sleep paralysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Scary shit. I didnt sleep last night and the only way I got myself to calm down was to go for a walk with my dog and watch the sunrise. I'm scared to go to sleep right now. It was a very real feeling. I'm scared of being in my bed. haha. Anyone else ever experience this? I deff feel if I go to sleep its going to happen again.

    How to Cope with Sleep Paralysis - wikiHow
  2. I would just smoke weed as apparently this helps (go figure. what dosnt it help?) but my guy has been dry for awhile now and so have I.
  3. Oh man, I had it 5 times from sun-tues after rolling on [fun stuff] fri night. Scary fucking shit. Woke up 3/5 times in a panic attack; heart racing. It's so god damn scary, fucking HATE it.
  4. I encountered sleep paralysis a couple mornings ago. I was falling back asleep from waking up too early, and I heard a ringing that intensified and my body froze for 5-10 seconds. After regaining control, I relaxed again, and it happened again. Happened three times in a row.

    It wasn't scary or anything because I've encountered it quite a few times. I'm aware of what's going on now when it happens, but it's still a very uncomfortable feeling.
  5. I got it last summer when I was working full time. I got into a bad habit of taking a nap when I got off work, and waking up a few hours later. Then when I tried to go to bed again (around 2 or 3) I had this bizarre feeling of being held down by some force, yet I seemed mentally aware of everything. This happened almost every night that I took a nap immediately after work. I was really scared to fall asleep after that but when I did some research I felt better knowing it was sleep paralysis. It's definitely strange, but I eventually had more control over it and it wasn't so scary.
  6. yeah man just educate yourself so you know the science behind it and sleep high
  7. yea the first time it happened to me i was freaked out, but now when ever it happens i think its pretty cool (even tho it still can be pretty scary)
  8. yea its cool to hear about other people experiencing it and I feel better after researching it a bit more. I just feel it coming as soon as I fall alseep which really sucks because its preventing me from sleep which is in turn making it worse. I hope it goes away and does not become a regular thing.
  9. None of you guys hallucinate while it happens? Fuckin lucky, I tell myself when it happens "it's only sleep paralysis it'll be over soon", but jesus christ man, reality distorts and weird shit happens that I don't wanna explain. It's just fucking terrifying..
  10. i used to get it all the time, its pretty interesting

    just try to move a body part like a hand or leg until you snap outta it

    ^yeah there used to be people or beings around me and i would always hear horrible sounding noises. intense horror is sometimes associated with sleep paralysis.
  11. I didn't hallucinate and if I did. I didn't notice anything the hands grabbing me freaked me out to much to look anywhere except at my door haha. I think a dream triggered it and now it wont stop =/.

    On the bright side this gives me a good reason to stop putting off working out lmao.
  12. intense horror is right. I've never been that scared and I got stabbed in the chest once haha
  13. I had it monday night... everything normal; close my eyes, then BAM, I'm just like "fuck not again..." 5 sec later, my bed sinks to the floor and a shadow being is in front of me and I feel a hand on my neck, started trying to move so violently fast and then it stopped. My heart was fucking RACING, get on facebook chat on my phone and just talk to a friend for like 2 hours until I just drifted to sleep. Didn't happen yesterday night though, and this morning, so I think it's over. The E I took on friday may have instigated it via some googling I did.
  14. yeah all you gotta do is just concentrate of moving a finger, then your hand then your arm. i'm not sure if you really are moving your arm cuz i could never see it but it feels like you are. but that always worked pretty fast for me, i got pretty good at it after a while.

    i dont get em anymore though, kinda relieved but they were pretty interesting.
  15. I'm surprised by how many of you guys recently had it. From what I've read its a pretty rare thing...
  16. Well, I guess this was a hallucination. I was dozing off and I noticed that I was going into sleep paralysis again. Next thing I know I was floating with my mattress in the corner of my room. Then I was aware of my surroundings and I was in my bed again, but couldn't move my body for a few seconds. It felt so real, but it was definitely a little scary.
  17. i guess once you have sleep paralysis its possible to astral project, so next time it happens to me im gunna try and see what i can do. never been able to do it before and i dont get paralysis that often but it could be the best way to make it happen
  18. I've had this once, but I didn't have the horrifying feeling of being pinned down. I was very aware of everything. when I tried going to sleep I remember reading one thread about astral projecting so I thought I would try it out.

    while your laying there in bed, on your back is the best way, your body will go to sleep and your mind is still awake. as I laid in bed, totally paralyzed, I could look around my room and I could definitely see shadowy figures. I also remember reading in the thread that you would probably hallucinate so it wasn't scary to me because I knew what to expect. its a very weird feeling and I haven't tried since.

    how do people actually "leave a room" or "move" while astral projecting? that's my question...
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    Okay, so.. I was high the other day and thinking about this topic

    I remember as a child my mother used to tell me that "sleep paralysis" isn't something to be afraid of; it just means that our spirits have left our body (astral projection).

    Sometimes while our body is in said "paralyzing" state, our mind rapidly wakes up (due to whatever) but our spirit has yet to return. Which also causes the unexplained eerie sense; it is the result of shock your mind is suffering because you are immobile (for your spirit has wondered off too far), but yet you are conscious.
  20. ive only experienced it once and it was after a long night of partying

    i woke up in the middle of the night and i couldnt move at all, a very bad feeling, at the time i thought it was me just being strung out or sumthing cuz i was blowing madd coke the night before, but after a little research i found out it was sleep paralysis, only happened to me once but it wasnt a great feeling

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