Sleep Paralysis

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  1. I've been getting really bad sleep paralysis lately. I've had it since before I can remember, but it's been getting very bad lately. I get very dillusional during these bouts and it's overall a horric experience for me. I wake up completely fine, once I actually wake up. The doctors cannot treat this unless you get it on a daily basis, and even then treatment is extremely complex and not always effective. I've noticed this only really strikes me when Im undergoing alot of stress (which I am currently), but I would like to know if anyone knows of anything that can help ease this for the time being.
  2. oh maaan, i dont get sleep paralysis much, but i never got it in my life until this year.
    i wish more people knew about ti cause a lot of people dont, and its one of the scariest things ever.
    i dont know anything that can help it, besides smoking weed and then going to sleep nice n burnt out. other than that, id like to know what i could do as well.
  3. This happens to me all the timei actually. Almost 3 times a week and it really freaks me the fuck out. i "wake up" but not really. i went to the doctors a few times for it and they still cant help me.
  4. I didn't know this actually had a name! This has happened to me before, and it's scary as shit! I've noticed that if it happens once it continues to happen throughout the night. I hate it.
  5. I've heard its common, but this common? Dang.

    I've had it since I was a kid, too. Sometimes it wont happen for an entire year, and then every day for a week or a few times a month for part of a year.

    Sometimes it's tolerable and I just don't fight it and let myself sleep, but sometimes it is really bad too.

    I could never find much information online about it.

    The only thing I know that you can do to help it is:
    Go to sleep at the same time every night.
    Get a good amount of sleep 7+ hours.
    Wake up around the same time every morning.

    I'd read that certain sleeping positions make it more prevelant but right now I can only remember that its either sleeping on your side (fetal position) or back. One's the most-likely and one's least-likely.
  6. i think its most likely when sleeping on your back
    at least, thats how it is for me
    i only get it sleeping on ym back
    then its like i can feel my arms on either side of my body, but i CANNOT move them
    and it feels like my back is like sinking into the mattress and shit
  7. i hate it when that happens
    i've had it happen like 3 times but each time just sucks ass, the minds awake but the bodys asleep right??
  8. Have any of you a actually experienced hallucinations from sleep paralysis?

    It's rare for me, and I can remember two distant times.

    One I felt like I was spinning in a circle and I could hear laughing but I couldn't tell if I was laughing or the world was laughing because I couldn't see anyone because everything was spinning to fast. Whoa, creepy to reflect back on it.

    The next time I was having series of nightmares. The one I remember the most is the one I woke up "trapped" in. I was in the bathroom at my grandparent's house, but it was different. I was scrubbing the bathtub, but I don't know why. I only know what it was vital. I had to or die situation. The water was extremely dirty and the tub became clogged. I tried to turn off the water and it wouldn't turn off and the entire room started to flood and then fil up around me. I could feel others around me in the water but I couldn't see them because I couldn't move and I can't going in-and-out of the dream. Each time I fell back asleep the room would be more filled with water.
  9. i dont know fi this would be considered a hallucination, but this was so scary

    okay, well i had a first "episode" of sleep paralysis, and i was going to get up and go get my dad cause i was SO freaked out. but what happened was, i kinda fell asleep before i got up. anyways, i dreamt that i was getting up to get my dad, but as i was walking i got sleep paralysis again, and i fell and hit my head on this chair and smashed all my teeth out. and then the paralysis went away and i woke up and was freaked the fuck out.

  10. I get it sleeping on my stomach, it's the weirdest feeling. When it first happened I thought I actually was paralyzed.

    Yeah, the first time I got it I hallucinated that I was on an operating table, and I think the reason I thought this was because I'd read that people undergoing surgery who wake up while still partially under anesthesia are paralyzed due to some sort of medicine. But I haven't hallucinated since.
  11. so the old hag visits more people than i thought
  12. i thought i was actually paralyzed as well, the very first time i got it. i was so scared, and the scariest shit is theres NOTHING you can do about it. you just have to lay there hoping that your body will wake up. and you dont hear about it either, so its like a really abnormal feeling

    my mom told me that this one time she was sick and on tylenol 3's and thats what she got, but she thuoght that aliens were coming LOL :D
  13. I've only had sleep paralysis once, but that was enough for me.

    I was living in residence at the time. Basically, I woke up in the middle of the night, lying face up. I immediately felt that there was some sort of malevolent presence at the side of my bed and I swore I could see some sort of shadowy figure in my peripheral vision. My roommate was at his girlfriend's place for the night so I knew that it wasn't him fucking with me.

    Then I felt this cold puff of air on my neck...and another, as if something was breathing on me. I still hadn't tried to move at this point. This continued for about 20 seconds, then the breathing stopped for a couple seconds. I felt a cold metal sensation on my neck, as if someone was holding a blade there, and suddenly I heard something whisper "Don't move" RIGHT in my ear. I don't mean like I heard it faintly, it literally felt as if someone had their mouth right next to my ear. I could feel the air move from it.

    Now I was scared shitless. I took the voice's advice and didn't move for at least another 10 seconds, then I suddenly bolted upright in a cold sweat. It was as if I had awoken from a nightmare, but there was absolutely no transition - I was in my room and aware of my surroundings for the whole thing. I looked around trying to find an explanation but I was the only one there.

    I had to go to the bathroom and chill out for a bit because I seriously had no idea what the fuck had happened. I don't believe in supernatural stuff and it took me a while to figure out what had happened (I had never heard of sleep paralysis before this).
  14. This usally happens to people who sleep on there back, and the reason this happens is beacuse when your lieing on your back there is more pressure on your heat meaning it dosent function Normal, which messes with your head, THIS IS WHAT I THINK IT IS ANYWAY.

    But muslims (and i am a muslim) Think that happens beacuse when u lie on your back a ghost literally fucks with your head
  15. I get it often. I don't hallucinate images, but I hear sounds. Usually footsteps outside my door or doors opening and closing. Once I thought my sister walked into the room and was standing next to me and I woke up talking to her, but she wasn't even there. She doesn't even live at home anymore. 90 percent of the time it happens lying on my back.
  16. I get it somewhat frequently too. It can be unpleasant, but just realize if you hallucinate it's all in your head... Ever try lucid dreaming? Sleep paralysis can be the perfect gateway to become lucid. :)

  17. One thing you can do is just try to tap your toe and just keep trying to do that and soon you'll be able too and you'll no longer be paralyzed. That or just try to fall back asleep, or into a lucid (conscious) dream.

    Yeah, it's like the main reason for people thinking they were abducted by aliens.
  18. Yeah and vice versa. A lot of the times I have had lucid dreams I have experienced sleep paralysis.
  19. I hallucinate really bad sometimes. Once I woke up and everything felt normal, except I felt the presence of the Grim Reaper sitting beside me. Another time I woke up and saw flashing colors, and could hear cartoons on my TV. At the same time I saw an amp cable sitting on a table in the room, but it didnt really exist.
  20. I have had it three times in one night with hallucinations. Scary stuff, i saw all the curtains in my room blowing and lights flashing. Haven't had it for about a year, but since then i have stopped drinking everyday. May be a coincidence or maybe it is caused by toxins

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