Sleep Paralysis

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Michael, May 28, 2013.

  1. Anyone else get it?

    I don't see hallucinations but I can't move my body for what feels like hours but actually probably mins/secs.

    How do you prevent it & best way to get out if it?

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  2. Yes I get it aswell, I believe what causes it is your brain being halfway sleep while you are awake so there's no real way out of it its one of those things you can't stop. To get out of it keep trying to move around maybe it makes you brain wake up faster? :confused:

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  3. I've heard sleeping on your back can make it worse.
  4. I try and get into it! From there you can lucid dream. Just don't fight it and conjure up bad stuff in your imagination.
  5. I had it once. I couldn't move and had some weird auditory hallucinations. Pretty frightening actually. Also had exploding head syndrome once....that almost gave me a heart attack.
  6. What's exploding head syndrome?
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    When it happened to me it was like a gun went off inside my head. It startled me so much I fell off my bed. My heart was pounding for like an hour and I was afraid to go back to sleep.
  8. I think i experienced this once. It felt like i was 'dying' or in 'no control'. Like i couldn't escape the paralizing feeling, the feeling was accompined with with fear. I was freaked the fuck out, but i couldn't do anything. It felf impossible to even move my hand.  i don't remember how i snapped out of it, or when it ended exactly, but i remember it was pretty intense, and interesting...i wonder what happened. it kind of felt like it was some sort of short-temporary ego death-experience. but who knows. i kinda liked it. just a different experience.

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