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Sleep paralysis/Astral projection?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by drpep1968, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Replying ages later but. It differs person to person from what I read. For me it's where I am awake but I can't move, the brain seems to be in some kind of half awake half asleep state, so I start to see semi invisible figures around my room. And it's like the more afraid you become, the more vivid the images are.

    I usually wiggle a toe to break myself out of it. The last time I had it my bed was shaking. It's pretty terrible.

    I'm not w scientist but I'm almost 100% percent sure it has to do with the voluntary paralysis your body goes into while you sleep so you don't act out your dreams. That's why we have sleep walkers, and that's also why we have people with chronic sleep paralysis.

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  2. Stuff like this is rather beautiful to me. Dreaming really challenges the realms of reality and existence. At least to me. I have quite a few theories one of them being one reality on top of another.

    One being "shadow people" feeding off the fear of one stuck in a dream like state. Making sleep paralysis so scary and traumatizing for most if not all people.

    I also sometimes think that dreams can be a way of telling the future. For me, every time I have deja vu, I recall the memory within a dream. I wonder, has this already occurred in another reality and I am just recalling the similarities of the occurrence? Is my brain just finding a bunch of different likenesses and tricking myself into thinking it has definitely happened before? Who knows.

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  3. Lol. I've been in Italy with a roommate for about 8 days. I had no dreams basically.

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  4. Welp I guess I was wrong haha. Take care in Italy tho, sounds fun.
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  5. Well said, and i have similar dreams that i can recall from Deja Vu moments as well. I guess because in those realms we exist beyond time/space where can we see past, present and future as one.

    I remember reading a study where this person explained while in a deep dream/trance like state he floated back in time and saw something that was buried at a certain location, months later a group of people discover hidden artifacts buried in that same location.
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  6. I did have one weird experience before that's somewhat similar to sleep paralysis. I remember being tired as fuck and sleeping with my knees up and I had this weird awareness where I knew I was going to sleep and I had this weird hallucination behind my eye leaders where I was getting sucked into light. I broke out of it and my mind was fully awake but I couldn't open my eye lids and my body but after 5 seconds I finally could open my eyes and move my body.
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    I hate sleep paralysis, just because it's annoying, I am prone to it myself when I am lacking sleep, which if anyone knows... sleep is like the most important thing, but sometimes for work I stay up for well beyond normal hours, which on it's own can cause hallucinations. What worries me more is it's linked to epilepsy.

    I remember the first time it happened I was young so I was scared because it feels like there is a pressure on your chest or something weird, couldn't breathe well in a panic. They say many people think they are abducted by aliens and see ghosts and shit (I absolutely do not believe in such phenomena). I didn't know what it was called that long ago, but asked a few friends if they ever experienced it. One or two said they have and we laughed about it saying how f*cked up it is. We figured out ourselves exactly what I think it is... you're waking up during REM but not fully, you get locked in that switch on. During REM your body releases chemicals that paralyze you for more reason than the one, major one being as a protection mechanism as well as is the dream state.... makes perfect sense.

    Nowadays I rarely get it much at all, where I used to get it all the time as my sleep schedule was f*ked, however didn't actually start happening until I was in my late teens. When I do it's short... the trick is to relax completely and don't try and break out. It is weird because it's like I wake up and I see my surrounds in real life (my room most of the time), but you can also imagine quite easily whatever your imagination wants to, so I can see why this bugs people out.

    I also believe it's hereditary, or passed on genetically.
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  9. Might be alien abduction ( no joke ) You should try And a an hypnothist
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    Reason I smoke before bed is to rid myself of my dreams. Or at least not remember them.
    If I go to bed with no herb my dreams are so vivid I can't even handle them.
    I'm talking ridiculous stuff like out of body dreams. Dreams where I'm just flying.
    Dreams where the world is crashing down around me yet the physical destruction does not effect me in any way.but I see the devastation it's doing to everyone else.dreams where other beings are in the room.
    Got to the point where I would sit on the couch and just try and disect my dreams to try and come to terms with it. But I think my vivid imagination just puts my subconscious into over drive.
    Do I believe in God. No not at all
    Do I believe in extra terrestrial life? Sure do.
    Goddamn universe is 14.5 billion years old. It'l take us humans if memory serves me a ballpark of 26 000 light years to reach the centre of our own milky way galaxy. 1 galaxy of billions containing billions and trillions of star systems with their own planets.
    So yeah there's life out there I know it. But are those beings affecting my dreams. No. no there not lol my mind just likes to project the unknown and dwells on my strong Sci fi loving self.
    So if I really wanna have a good sleep I toke before bed. Been doing it for a long time now.:toke: cheers
  11. Totally not true. You get what you think about. If you thing you will be surrounded by evil that is what you will get. Think of love and peace and you will have an amazing experiance.

    Fear is the worst thing to have, unless thats the journey you want to take.

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  12. I don't think this thread really belongs in the science section. There is no scientific evidence that suggests astral projection is even possible.
  13. So, I clicked on this thread by accident, (I'm mobile and my browser sucks with loading so I end up clicking on the wrong thing by being impacient, and the thing scrolling after loading), and continued to read because it was rather interesting.

    I read through all three pages and enjoyed how it evolved to an intellectual debate with facts, and views on the subject. I like to consider myself somewhat of an intellectual, but so much was already covered, and I don't think I'd have anything worthwhile to contribute on the intellectual end, so I'll just share my experiences and such.

    From the first and half pages, I see that my experiences with sleep paralysis is somewhat different than most. I only saw one person post (if I missed it, oops) about when their own paralysis happens during sleep, and that's when mine happens to. In that space between deep sleep, and waking up is when I experience mine. During this time, I feel awake, but rather drowsy, and I'm conscious enough to realize that I'm still asleep, no matter how much it feels and precieves I'm awake. During this time, I can see and hear my surroundings, whether or not my eyes are actually open, or my brain is feeding me information based upon "real life" is combined with my senses of my surroundings, I do not know. I plan to record myself sleeping in the future and study my sleeping habits further.

    Like many others, during this state, I'm unable to move, at most I can turn my head (again, unsure if my head is really moving, or my brain is in my sleep while my body catches up to being awake), as well as twitching fingers/hands. For some reason, I never think to try and move my toes/feet, I think this stems from being a writer, where my hand is more valuable than my feet, and/or, in my panic, my hand is the first to react.

    Unlike most others, I don't have a looming presence during this time, or a sinister feeling, nor do I "see" anything demonic, or satanic, or anything like that, what I "see" is my normal surroundings on my room.

    This sounds egotistical of me, but my fear during this state stems from being unable to control my body. In my daily, waking life, I'm as controlling as the average human, I would say, the only time it becomes "egotistical" or whatever is when it comes to my writing projects, or directly effects me.

    But, back on topic, while in this state, I panic and freak out, because I am unable to move, followed by the thoughts of being unable to move: "What if this is real?" "What if its permanent?" "What if I can never write again?" "What if I can't get out of bed?" "Will I ever walk again?" "Will my family find me and save me from this before its too late?"

    It may sound stupid, but its entirely fearful, awful experience, which I'm sure someone can relate to some degree. What makes this harder is how long I experience this (or precieve to experience?) which lasts at least a few minutes, all the way to closer to ten minutes, a few, rare times even longer, by several more minutes. When you're unable to move and panic because of that, the seconds tick by and make this state very emotionally upsetting. But when it ends, most of the time I'm filled with such relief I can (attempt, I have trouble falling asleep), go back to sleep shortly after, either by rolling on one of my sides, or rolling on one of my sides after going to the bathroom, checking my phone, smoking a cig, ect.

    I do have a rather horrific story of sleep paralsys after having a bad trip: About three years or so go, my sisters boyfriend at the time brought over a couple of blunts and we passed them around. This wasn't the first time, I had been smoking for nearly a decade at this point, but it was no more than a few times a year, and had been a couple years since I last smoked. (And before anyone asks, I have no idea what strain it was that smoked, sorry). Anyways, by the time most of the first blunt was smoked by the four of us (me, sister, sisters bf, and our mom), I started feeling the effects and begin to grin to myself and enjoy what was happening. A half hour or so passes and during that time we talked and laughed, I was waiting for the munchies to kick in, but I didn't feel hungry, and I should point out that before smoking I had an upset stomach, I constantly have upset stomachs, and have trouble keeping food down, its a major reason I smoke now, and for other medical reasons-but not meaning to go off topic. So, after a half hour of talking he takes out the other blunt (he rolled both from the use batch), and we began to pass them around. Halfway through the second blunt, I began to feel sick to my stomach, like I was going to puke, but I had nothing in my stomach, other than some liquid. So instead of finishing it I went to lay down and call my girlfriend at the time. I was laying on my back on the bed while on the phone with her. The postion and talking with her made me feel a little better, but after a short while we got in a little spat and she ended up hanging up with me. I continued to lay there on my back because I was to lazy and feeling emotionally and physically upset to move or do anything else.

    After another short while I felt myself getting tired, but not like tired to sleep by closing your eyes and relaxing, if that makes sense. After a few minutes of keeping my eyes open during this feeling I suddenly felt numb, I couldn't move anything from the neck down. I KNEW I was awake. I had to be. It was too short of a time to fall asleep, and I wasn't tired enough to fall asleep, and keep in mind I mentioned before I have a hard time falling asleep.

    Like mentioned above, I began to panic and freak out, trying to move my fingers, hand, lift my arm, my head thrashing as I looked over my body. Because of how emotionally and physically upset I already was, this situation was much worse than any time I remember, and it also lasted longer than it normally does as well. Because I knew I was awake, I tried to call out to my family, get someone to come in there and try to calm me down, maybe even massage my arms and legs to bring feeling back. At first, I called out to them, screaming their names, followed by "help", " I can't move", "come quick", "something's wrong", ect. But everything was muffled in my throat, so I was making noise, but it was filltered. And no one in the next room came to me.

    At this point I was beyond upset and began to cry and sob, still trying to ask for help. Also, I'm still high at this point, so everything hypersensitive, despite being numb. When I began to cry, I wasn't sure how much time had passed before the breakdown, but it was several minutes, or felt like it, and when I broke down, I cried for what felt like an additional fifteen minutes, before everything just stopped.

    When I woke up, it was morning and I had no problem moving my body, except for being numb in the left arm because I woke up laying on it, but my throat was sore, and sensitive, not like how I get when I smoke too much (cigs or pot, and at this time I wasn't smoking a lot of cigs, maybe one a day?), but it was sore like I had screaming, not to mention my cheeks had evidence of dried tears, so I really has cried at some point.

    After going through my waking up routine, I was talking to my mom about last night after I went to bed. Turns out, she heard moaning and grunting from my room (which was right next to the living room where they were), and when they listened to try and see if I was okay, what was actually happening, my mom said I was talking and they could only make out a few words, "help", " move", and "get in there quick". She said I sounded upset, but it sounded like I was on the phone, having a conversation, so they weren't worried about me, especially when they heard me laughing, which made them assume I was watching something and verbally reacting in my laughter.

    But, yeah, even though this was 3 years or so ago, it still upsets me to remember, I can still remember how it felt, the fear, paronia, everything.

    But back to "looming presence", I experience this quite often but in a totally different way than most. The looming presence happens during my actual state of sleep, rather than right before waking up. In the dream, the looming presence is hurting me, or chasing me, and unlike being unable to move, my paralsys consists of being blind in the dream, which, like back to the physical paralsys, I panic and freak our from not being in control, ie, unable to see. Being unable to see combined with the looming presence becomes really fearful.

    When I'm blind in these dreams, its never fully black, but a rather medium shade of grey, sometimes I can see shadows of a darker, and/or lighter shade of grey. What also makes this bad for me, while running away, or fighting the looming presence, I'm also trying to make myself see, even though it caused me to get "hurt"/"caught" by the looming presence because I'm more focused on rubbing my eyes to try and bring my vision back.

    Another thing, I can never describe the looming presence, its always the same in my dreams, but after I wake I "remember" interpreting differently. One time, the looming presence was interpreted by a man in a gentleman's suit, complete with top hat and cane, while another time I never saw it physically but sensed it near.

    Well, anyways, thats my experiences with the subject of sleep paralsys and long presence. Anyone experience paralsys without the looming presence? Or experience the looming presence without the traditional paralsys?

    Also, has anyone had a bad trip like my experence while high?
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    Then don't bother following it. Bit yes there is no scientific evidence but you should do allot more research from people who do this before you start posting stuff like that.

    I guarantee you get put of body once and you will remove your post LOL it's absolutely mind blowing!!

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  15. Sleep paralysis is a normal process your body goes through when you go to sleep everynight .

    I have voluntarily experienced it numerous time and enjoy the feeling of the Lead Blanket moving up my body.

    Have you ever tried to insist an out of body and stay aware through the entire process?

    If astral projection is something your I to you should check out the Astral Pulse form. There is a ton of great information on there and the community is great!!

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  16. In my teens I've forced out of body experiences through meditation, but other than a eurporic feeling, nothing really came of it.

    As for presently, I've attempted a few times, but I failed due to my levels of stress, and not being "at one" with myself. But I've honestly not tried for years, or while high, this is something I should consider.
  17. Some people are into it and some are not. Might be worth you checking oit the forum.

    It's not on tapatalk but it's worth looking at.

    Look for me on there as well my handel is SCHMISTIN.

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  18. I'll be sure to check out the forum and check out some of the threads to see if it peeks my interest at all.

    What is Tapatalk? I've not heard of this.

    Is it one letter different than your handle here? Or was that a typo and is the same as your handle?
  19. Tapatalk is a forum app for cell phones.

    Sorry I did type it wrong... SCHMUSTIN

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