Sleep like a Super Hero, a Religious Icon, A Role Model, A Legend, Whaever you like b

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  1. let your brainwaves seep ofcoursely into the lucid brainwave frequencies and wavelengths, ie, get lucid.


    since there cud b some people who are saying how they've been havin issues to deal with in the deltawave deap sleep state, perhaps it best you get a good comprehension of at least the theta brainwave "REM" sleep state, ie, DREAMS, you can manage to put a little initiative into it, a previously "go with" experience opens up whole new possibilities and understandings (though, me, Digit, I personally tend to forget unless i've been on loads of cheese and strange sleeping patterns (nearly all the time then, heehee)). You may learn and grow so much now as to be competent and capable enough to take on anything before you, heh, you might even remember you always have been. :D

    autopoiesis my friends. :) EE OO Have the power. OO EE Have the power. :) what we think, we become, thoughts always have that power, even the ones that get translated into english like "no it doesnt, i dont have that power", hahaha, oh the joke of it, hhehehehaha, anyways... uhh... yeah, you have the power, we have the power. look forward to yas shining the torch of life growing, photon emiting, on all those craggy old dying bits so the cells can comunicate freely again. :)

    might wanna ensure ya get loads a greens, (chlorophyl from plants, really handy) and other fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, pulses, herbs that take your fancy. the cleanest water you can get too (oh how i'm working on that... anyone know where i could buy a water filter on direct debit for like, idk, 10 or 20 quid a week? "reverse osmosis" machine i think they might be called, *ahem* scuze the side-tangent) oh shit yeah, clean clean clean. though sometimes cure can be better than prevention, especially when ya do it yourself, the bio being is amazing, cures itself then caries the prevention along with it automatically... gotta find a way to survive the "social-darwinists" (not really fitting of what those peeps think is appropriate action) long enough to stop having those kinds of extremist thoughts going about our noosphere. if consciousness is the ocean/fabric we all share... then would we really want some of that liquid/tapestry to be a bit saying we need cut of the frayed bits with fire to strengthen the value of the remaining strongest? or do we want that bit of the tapestry to read something completely different, something conveying the brilliance of abundant resources, the technological marvels that allow people to make their own sustenance substances from a energy to matter matrix and even create their own energy, and even take their waste matter and recycle it through more technology to feed the energy continuum more for the plants and any other that need it, the technology that creates a mere electro magnetic field which enables the human bodies own methods cleanse itself optimise and re-invigorate itself, inflate deflated cells, increase cell communication, boost and balance white blood cell count and effectiveness, and eliminate any toxins, viruses or parasites. oh the technology. it's not the technology that saves us. but it is technology of salvation. :)

    you gonna allow yourself get an interest in all the methods of healing, of well-being ensurance? quite acceptable. quite empowering and liberating.
    find it now, go!
  2. the dream is alive.
    motivation torrentially gushes out like a great geiser through your entire being, all can be made become.

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