sleep driving?

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  1. I open a store weekend mornings at 4am. Last night/ this morning I woke ina panic, fearing I might be late. I hopped out of bed and started the 30min drive. Half way into the drive, I woke up and realized it was only 11:30pm and I had another four hours of sleep ahead of me. It worrys me that I essentially sleep-drove 10miles. Anything like this ever happen to any of you?
  2. I cracked up reading that shit.
  3. I've never got into my car and driven but I've woke up in a panic cause I thought I was late for work a few times. Checking phones or clocks for the time does wonders :poke: :laughing:
  4. I've fallen asleep while driving on the highway for like 5 minutes my eyes were closed but my body knew what to do, pretty fucked up.

    Not the same but none the less.

  5. Haha yes my dreaming brain does not think with logic, only anxiety.
  6. i zone out, not really sleeping....but i swear i'll be like wow i'm here already??

  7. This has happened to me also, you snap awake to the realization that you have noo idea how you got to where you are... us humans are strange creatures

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