Sleep Deprivation

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  1. So I find myself sitting here at 3:12 am having now been awake 31 hours without naps or rest of any kind. Instead I decided to spend my weekend helping my uncle set up for a small gig at a town fair in a neighboring county. To put it simply, me and 2 friends were his roadies. We packed up his music equipment, we unpacked it and set it up for him and made sure he and the other musicians had everything they needed for this gig. We sat in the audience so that we could hear the sound of the first set and offer them tips to make it sound better during the break between sets.

    So they play great and made the bluegrass band that was first look like shit. However we get back to my uncles house and his son was supposed to take me back to my house. Well suddenly that's not an option anymore. I had been up 25 hours at that point. I was tired. I am tired. Yet they were wanting to have some sort of after-gig hootenanny to stroke his ego. That's all fine and dandy I don't care, so I ask him if he's going to hook us up with any of the gig money which was $200. The other musicians all declined as far as I know, and you know what he offered me? One dollar. Jokingly. Gives me a $1 and laughs like I earned it. I waited for him to pull out a $10 or something at least, but no he just walks off. Now I didn't really expect to be paid, and neither did the other musicians they were just there to play music and have fun. I figured since me and my friends had taken such good care of shit as far as unpacking, packing, making sure we had everything, keeping it all organized, that we earned a little bit of that gig money that went so smooth because of how we helped set up.

    I felt insulted as hell. So there I was, stuck at his house without a ride, stewing over his limp dollar bill he gave me as a thanks. So what do I do? I had to call my house and get my cousin to come pick me up. I couldn't stand staying there because I felt like shit, tired, insulted, and they were still in a 'hey party lets drink' mode and I was stewing over the shit.

    And that brings me back to now... 3:20am... 31.2 hours of wakefulness without rest. I start reading about the effects of sleep deprivation. 21 hours awake is equivalent to a blood alcohol content of .08 percent. I'm at 31.2 hours. I feel fine. I'm just really tired. I want to goto sleep but I want to see where this could lead. It's not everyday I stay up so long.

  2. I think you should sleep but meh, explore all you want. Sleeping is a gift from God to me so :p I hate all-nighters :smoke:
  3. Hope you finally got your well deserved rest, brotha.

  4. try blazing and see what you experience lol
  5. Dude if you smoke right now you would get sooooo high.
  6. Eventually you'll start to hallucinate, and even farther after that point the dementia starts to set in. :devious:
  7. sleep deprivation led me to start hallucinating and get mental issues . sleep is mad important, so try and sleep as soon as possible !
  8. dude when me n my best friend used to have to stay awake for days straight for work we diagnosed ourselves with tls. tired laughing syndrome. idk why but we would always laugh when we got really tired... kinda wierd... :confused_2:
  9. sleep deprivation is crazy....i was up once for about 60 hours for a reason i can't talk about...but i took 2 bong tokes at that 60th hour and had full blown hallucinations. more intense than any hallucinations i've ever had (and when i mean hallucinate, i really mean it. not just warped stuff like other psychedelics...

    back to your story should have gotten paid man. sounds like you busted your ass. all you can do is toke up and get a good sleep, and know that you did a good deed. karma works in mysterious ways.
  10. smoke a few bowls then fall asleep
  11. I'm terrible with staying up. I like at least nine hours of sleep a night. I can't function on six and I can barely be productive with seven.
  12. Man, that's a bitch you got played like that. I hope all is well though.

    It's 4:14am over here, and I'm sleep deprived as hell. I guess it serves me right for taking a two hour nap at around 4:30p yesterday. Plus I got class in less than four hours then I have to go straight to work after that, so I'm not expecting to go to sleep until midnight.
  13. When any of my friends or family "roadie", I make sure to kick em a lil sumpin sumpin, even if it's Bud instead of cash(not all gigs pay well, but I've always got the "Herb Superb".:D

    Between natural insomnia and a high chronic pain level, I average just a couple of hrs of sleep a night. Often go 3 days before napping a bit.

    Right now I'm runnin' at 34hrs. but I'm in the middle of trimmin' so I got to put in the time:) setting here completely surrounded by a roomful of Blue Cheese.

    and won't trim itself so back at it for awhile:smoke::smoke:
  14. Man I forgot I even posted this lol.

    I went to sleep like 3 hours after this thread. Still fuckin wore out.

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