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  1. So, I didn't know what section to put this in, but oh well. So, I do a Uni course in Architecture 1 day a week (Tuesdays). And, seeing as how I don't really do much the rest of the time apart from occasional meetings, my sleep schedule is pretty fucked. Falling asleep at around 6am, waking up at 4pm fucked. So, I decided I would smoke some weed a drink a load of alcohol before trying to sleep (I'd woken up at about 9 Sunday for some ungodly reason).  Midnight comes around, and about 3 grams and half a bottle of whiskey later I was trying to sleep, but I have an over-active imagination and it takes a lot for me to sleep. So I watched about an hour of Netflix... Then another hour. At about 4am, I tried sleeping again, and it obviously wasn't going to happen. I smoked another 2 grams, but at that point it didn't make any difference. So, I decided at that point, that I would stay awake the rest of the night and all day Monday (Today. I'm kind of messed with days atm). So, 3 cans of monster and 4 cups of coffee later, I'm still watching Netflix. Throughout today, I've had 4 cans of monster, 6 cups of coffee and countless cups of tea. Currently, it's half past 5, I have weed, scotch and a fuck ton of caffeine in my body, and I feel extremely...odd. My hands feel weird when I move them, and time seems to have slowed down, like I'm moving really, really fast. My mood is extremely erratic as well, laughing at slightly funny things and getting really angry over stupid things, then laughing over being angry. Music is also weird, the actual lyrics meaning more, and the melody standing out more. I feel kind of like I might die, but at the same time know it wont happen. I also feel extremely motivated to do random shit. 
    Anyway, to cut the bullshit, I was wondering if anybody had any similar situations with sleep deprivation? I think adding in the drugs, alcohol and caffeine have made it worse. But it's kind of nice, I find myself caring a lot less, and I'm usually worrying about one thing or the other.

  2. i experience sleep deprivation from time to time. just like you my imagination is over active, especially around 10pm at night. once i have a bad thought or flashback in my mind, ill contemplate it for hours into the morning, making it impossible to sleep.

    i cant consider it a high. i get a detached from my body feeling, where the world around me seems sped up, while my body struggles to coordinate and keep up with it.

    might i suggest melatonin for a week or two, to try and aid sleepiness so you can create a healthy sleep pattern. sleep deprivation is hard on the brain and body, even if you dont have alot of strenuous activities in your day. long periods of it can be detrimental

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  3. Chronic sleep deprivation leads to disorders like depression, irritability, and poor overall health

    I don't recommend it

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  4. After one all nighter your body releases extra amounts of Dopamine which make you feel high or abnormally energetic.  However not getting sleep is absolutely terrible for you.  I would not recommend doing all nighers for fun. I actually don't see how anyone could see it being fun at all.  You need sleep.
  5. go get some sleep.
    getting yourself pumped full of stimulants and drugs and then enjoying the buzz is pretty dumb. do you want to have a heart attack by the time you are 40? not to mention some mental disorders to go along with that... 
  6. One word: psychosis
  7. Sleep deprivation is not fun. Lots of people like myself struggle with it, and while doing an all-nighter every now and then may seem fun, your body may get used to it and then you wouldn't be able to fall asleep when you actually want to sleep.
    Chronic sleep deprivation leads to getting prescribed probably benzodiazepines and they are NOT fun when you become tolerant and not even the strongest medicine out there can help you fall asleep (I'm not at this point yet, but my father is).
    Btw I don't mean to be judgemental or anything, just sharing my experience!  :smoke:
    Yup. That's what happens when one doesn't sleep.
  9. right there with you man. I don't use sleep aids because I don't become dependant

    But what you said is true

    My.childhood.gaming.habbits.conditioned my body to be sleep

    Now I can only sleep about 6 hours a night and.I'm.chronically.sleep deprived. I simply cannot get enuf sleep

  10. Stop doin what your doing. All the caffeine and alcohol combined with no sleep and stress can be a fatal combination. I'm not joking at all

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  11. I couldn't sleep, so the best thing to do was stay awake so I could get to sleep the next night. I didn't do it for fun, and don't do it for fun, I just said it was weird and was kind of nice to be able to not worry and shit. I just find it extremely hard to sleep sometimes.
  12. Set up a routine to condition your body for sleeping by lying down at a certain time every night. This will take time and only doing this consistently will make it effective. The first few nights will be rough but eventually your body will start naturally getting tired around that time and it will be a lot easier to fall asleep earlier when you lay down for the night.

    Taking melatonin will definitely help your for the first few nights or even when you're trying to fall asleep in general. Other stuff such as working out during the day, not watching tv/using the computer an hour or two before bed, no caffeine after dinner, etc. will help you a lot if you're disciplined enough to try and change your behavior and improve your sleep.

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