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Sleep deprevation plus weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RVD420RVD, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I hear it makes u trip a little do u guys have any experience with this subject tell me I would love to hear it
  2. Yes it does because as your brain starves of nutrients and lack of rest you begin to see black spots/shadow people/multi-colored dots everywhere. The body needs sleep man, it's not good to deny it.

    I've gone 3 days awake due to necessity of things happening I had to deal with, and it was not a fun time, I was falling asleep in all the wrong places. After smoking a bowl I just felt so relaxed I ended up falling asleep on a picnic table sitting up.
  3. From first hand experience, it makes you trip a little bit. When I was in high school, my friend and I smoked in my backyard when my mom was home (note we smoked a gravity and had low tolerances at the time). He comes inside, rushes over to my table, grabs the tablecloth, rips it off, and spits on it. All while my mom is watching. At that point I'm trying to get him and calm him down, but nothing worked. My mom owed me for not saying anything to my dad about losing money in Vegas, so i didn't get in too much trouble. :D

    I asked him what happened the next day and he said, "I don't know man...I was feeling amazing but then everything went black for a second. I opened my eyes and there was rainbows everywhere. I felt like people were trying to kill me so I was trying to leave."

    I still don't know if what happened was real or not, but needless to say, i don't smoke with people that are tired (at my house) anymore.
  4. I was in Florida with one of my buddies. We had a personal joint each of some mids. I had a tolerance break before leaving to Florida and this was the first joint. Prior to smoking we each had about two hours of sleep after getting drunk the night before. After the smoke I felt like I was in a dream, just the actual "feeling." my thoughts started correlating with my surroundings, almost like when I was thinking to myself the surrounding moment replied. Black dots started covering my vision. I found that the correlating thoughts were illogical and didn't take any note of them really. I started to wonder why I was trippin so damn hard off one joint of mids. I then realized how much sleep I had the night before and that my body probably released some dose of DMT which was why I was feeling how I was feeling. Got some sleep and everything went back to the norm!
  5. sleep deprivation is so bad for you
  6. All it does is put you out

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